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I haven’t posted in awhile. I was just getting over the grind of “Skeptics vs Believers”, a thread that went on for years, when my best friend/wife passed away. It was a reminder to me that we might be looking at Ghost Village from the other side sooner than we might like or expect so get old business done.

Old business for me is one of the topics that I have followed through various media for many years now beginning in the late 60’s. You’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle (so called) and many have also heard ot “The Devil’s Sea”, (an area SE of Japan), and maybe a few of you have read or heard of the unnamed area between the Tasman Sea and New Zealand. What you may not be so familiar with are disappearances that take place on land and are just as odd and final.

I have always found the details fascinating when they are available. Quasar, who runs his own website on the Bermuda area reports that a fair number of planes are seen going down in shallow water, like 5-10 feet in depth, with no wreckage ever found, and of small planes found on the ocean bottom under 6 feet of water with the doors locked, the keys missing from the ignition and no sign of people.

Some of the land disappearances can be related to serial killers working in specific locations, but others are much more difficult to find any information on at all. I should really have said “no easy explanation”, because sometimes people disappear and then reappear just as mysteriously.

What I find especially odd are that certain age groups seem to be especially at risk. The old and very young are often found to go missing, often while berry picking (?) and within feet and seconds of family. Bloodhounds etc turn up nothing and then, sometimes the searchers are blessed, the 2 year old is found wandering in the woods on the other side of an 1,800 ft mountain, minus clothing never found, in perfect condition and with no story either.

I come from a family with a long tradition of hunting and hunting guides etc ( my grandfather was once the primary grizzly bear hunting guide in Alaska for example). It is easy to get lost in the woods and in areas like Alaska and the PNW the weather will kill you darn quick if you don’t know what you’re doing. The weird thing is that usually the lost go downhill (unconsciously, because it’s easier), and tend to circle. The Pacific Coast is especially horrible because it is usually wet, the forest dense, so sight lines hard to maintain, and the presence of round hills as are found in southern Oregon make it very difficult to maintain a compass heading, But when people disappear within earshot of companions, when the bloodhounds can find nothing (they work best in a moist location without a lot of dry or rain. This accounts for the high success of tracking convicts in the American Old South).

People ARE going to get lost in the woods, but it’s usually people on their own, not with a group, and they have a story when found (when and if). Someone found days later in great physical condition is what you expect from Bear Gryles, not a 3 year old or a 75 year old woman. In some of the cases it has even appeared that the lost person is avoiding being found and living in a feral state off of the land. Remember we are talking about 9, 15, 75 year old people. In one case the lost person was 95 years old and recovering from a stroke. Thousands of searchers and no trace, nothing. One road in, no cars, trackers come up with nothing. When SAR personnel like Sheriffs etc begin talking about alien abduction you know something is very off base. Personally, I am not a big believer in aliens in general far less a generalized program of abduction etc, but when someone resorts to that sort of explanation the situaition is just too odd.

One last comment. When people are found, dead or alive, they are most often found right where the search began or on the main trail in or out of the search area, a place passed over maybe thousands of times by the searchers.

If I were to pull an answer out of my pocket I would have to guess that we are dealing with alternate realities or states of being, or the inhabitants thereof. When Charles Fort began writing about the paranormal he began with falls of fish and stones and about anything else you care to think of. My reasoning is that if items can get HERE why can’t thing go THERE wherever THERE is.

I know from interviews that people can pass into what is often called “The Oz State, or condition”. Certain areas often around water, or places known to be “odd” can have strange effects upon people. One interview I conducted was with a middle aged man who was visiting the Sleepy Hollow region of NY State. (Yes, it really exists). He was visiting an ancient cemetary during high summer. He “disappeared” from his wife and another couple for almost 5 hours. He remembers going into a sort of dell and hearing the buzz of insects and the golden light and being enchanted by the wonder of it. He walked out and found his wife and friends who were just frantic. He thought that MAYBE he had spent 20 minutes in that dell, but according to his wife he was missing for 5 hours. This is when you begin to question reality as an objective medium.

Anyone out there with any experience to share?
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Bad luck or what?

I need some insight…..bad!! I can’t figure it out to save my life and I need some opinions…bad luck? haunting? bad energy?

My husband and I moved to the country about 6 years ago. Since the move things have from good to bad to worse….and I’m afraid to say anymore than that. When we first signed the contract, we were responsible for getting a surveyor. Surveyor came out but never submitted paperwork….had to close without a survey. The day we moved in the septic backed up. A couple of months later the well went out. A couple of months after that a windy rainstorm picked up our metal building throwing into our roof ( and somersaulting across the house to land on the opposite side), causing a hole and letting rain in….eventually causing the ceiling to collaspe. Everything the metal building was covering was damaged….including digital pics of my son when he was a baby. After that had happened we called the company to come and remove the building, but were told they were not responsible. My husband took the building apart and his leg slipped and a piece of rebar went through his leg, which resulted in a staph infection. A few months after that the outside unit on our brand new AC went out. Then my husband decided he wanted to start his own business. He bought a dump truck to deliver gravel. He hired someone to replace the carbureter (sp?) and when it was done, took it for a spin and the engine caught fire. Shortly after that, the transmission in my car went out. After it was fixed, not even a year later another problem with the thermostat and water pump came up .In August the inside unit on the AC went out and the driveshaft on my husband truck fell out A month ago, another problem with the well came up. This time it went dry…we tried to lower the pump but it went 6 inches and hit the bottom. Then my husband truck wouldn’t come out of park, he put new fuses init but when he tried to go from park to reverse, the fuses blew. We’re having a problem with mice in the house (3 in the last 5 weeks.) And last night the AC went out again….There are more things that have happened, but those are the biggies. We are now so broke that we can’t afford anything anymore and have completely shot our credit in the past few years…..Is any of this associated with a haunting? I feel like the land is jinxed. We bought this because it was a foreclosure and have no idea of the owners before us. The area that we live in was once part of Comanche territory if that means anything. I haven’t heard anything or really seen anything (I think I see dark figures at night, but it could be from the light of the TV.) Just lots of “bad luck” and I feel like something is telling us in it’s own way to go away. Our finances have never been so bad…..before we moved here we made less and had more money to spend on splurging, now we’re lucky to buy groceries.
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This one is angry

It’s usually quiet in our house. However, there are periods of activity that lasts about two weeks. This happens two to three times every year. A new period has started.
Let me start by first explaining the layout of our house. We have a small utility room that is just big enough for our washer and dryer. This is connected to our bathroom. On the other side of the bathroom is the door to our bedroom. Since the utility room is so small, I put up a coat hanger that is about 3 inches tall to hang our laundry basket on. We also keep the hamper there and it sits between the washer and dryer.
A little over a week ago, the wife and I were lying in bed with the lights out and just talking. We both noticed this dark wispy figure standing along the wall next to the bed next to the door. It just stood there and watched us for about an hour. We even talked about it while it was still there. The vibes that we got from that was a very neutral. It was just there to observe.
A couple nights later, I was awoken in the middle of the night to hear crash and the cat running away and yowling. When I got up in the morning, I saw that the hamper was knocked over. This isn’t the first time that he did this so I didn’t think much about it at first. The unusual thing is that he rarely goes into the bathroom and almost never goes into the utility room. Whenever he does, it is when one of us is already in the room. And when he knocks something over, he just runs. He rarely meows for anything and never if he is startled by his own clumsiness.
Two nights later I have a small dream. I’m kneeling at the foot of my bed as if I’m about to pray. An invisible spirit comes up to me from behind. It pushes my head down into the bed and tosses a blanket over me. It was a rather violent push. The feelings that I got from this is that it wanted to hurt me and hopefully smother me. It wanted me to die.
A couple more days go by. This was last evening about 8:00 PM. My wife and I have just finished folding laundry and I put the laundry basket back up on the hook in the utility room about 1/2 hour earlier. My wife is in the bathroom and I am sitting on the bed in the bedroom and we’re talking. She’s facing the open utility room door and sees the laundry basket lift up and crash to the floor. I thought that maybe I had been sloppy in the way I placed the basket, but upon examination I found that it was impossible to do so. The only way to hang the basket is to have the hook running through the side handle and hanging securely. To remove the basket, it has to be lifted about 3 inches up before pulling it out.
I’ve had plenty of small experiences with spirits all my life, but each of these are completely unique. There’s a very angry spirit in this house and I don’t know who it is or where it comes from. I expect that like the other spirits, it will just move on in a few days. By this weekend things will be back to quiet again.
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