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So now… Cerebral Plasma is the same substance basically as lightening, suns or the plasma sphere. Folklore and myth and shamans on four continents tell us the Northern lights are the souls of the dead. Religionists associate heaven with light. Popular based evidence based on NDE experiences say that we move toward the light through a tunnel. Everyone knows the cliche… “Turn towards the light”.

In the University of Kiev they used various forms of film and video photography to record a luminescent orb phenomenon which was captured leaving the craniums of corpses after which time all brain activity ceased. Normally the brain of a clinically dead corpse displays REM-like functions until up to 3 days following death. This led the Kiev researchers investigate the cerebral plasma. They look just like the luminescent orb phenomenon and seem to fly with purpose and direction. They measured the weight of the plasma and concluded the average weight was 1gm. They measured frequency, temperature etc. which led them to conclude that the orbs were cerebral plasma leaving the body. Genuine luminescent orbs that aren’t dust, tricks of light or lens anomalies can be measured with a spot thermometer regularly at 10 degrees hotter than the surrounding atmosphere.

There is proof that lightening which strikes from the earth to the plasma sphere every second. The sun draws from our plasma sphere and replenishes it in a continuing wave of action that exists between the sun and the Earth. If in spirit form we are light it gives us presence where ever light is shed and gives us a speed of 180,000 miles per second but more than that. There is a topological theory out there that say that large sun are inter-dimensional portals at 19.5 degrees north and south and that if that were the case then disturbances on the surface of the sun would be detected at those latitudes… which is where the regular large sunspot activity takes place. There’s a ton more information that I don’t have time to add but hopefully this is enough to get the thoughts on track.
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