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Old Veterans Hospital

My place of work is very haunted. I work in an old veterans hospital that is being used as offices now. It does feel strange walking into what should be a room to see a desk and chair!

My first day there I seen a male spirit peek out from what is now a photo copy room. A couple of months later I could seen two shadow forms at the end of a hall early in the morning then seen another run in front of a desk half way down the hall. At the same time my husband got the chills.

Months later I seen a soldier in fatigues standing outside of what was an operating, room at one time, his head was down as if praying. This was all on one floor.

On another floor that use to be the morgue I have only seen one walking towards an office then vanish. My husband has seen shadows, in all places, the men’s room. The spirit has even turned the light off in the room. There is no way that a person can sneak in because the doors are very creeky.

Other employees talking openly about the spirits. One gentleman took the elevator up and had a conversation with another gentleman. When his floor came he turned to wish the other man a good day and no one was there. Others have spoken of foot steps late in the evening. One guy got to a point he would tell the spirit it was just him and the steps stopped. When the elevators are acting up we just say the vets are taking over them. There are times I even feel the stuffed wolf roams the morgue floor.

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