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Big orange mass in the sky

One night i was driving mum home from work and my gaze focused on the road however in the corner of my eye coming from above my windscreen i noticed a huge orange/red mass of light in the sky traveling at great speed. It didn’t seem like it was very high up in the sky either maybe 100-200 metres up, it was circular/oval in shape and just seem to be a big ball of orange light that covered about a fifth of my windscreen in height. It disappeared halfway before i could get a good look at it, just vanished……. I asked mum if she saw the big orange ball up i the sky. She did, but she wasn’t quick enough to look up at it. Ive had my share of weird experiences such as doors slamming on their own, a black hooded figure (nun ghost?) kneeling and in a praying position besides my brothers bed one night, a chilling cold sensation going from my back to the chest while i was lying in bed after forcing myself to wake up from a dream of a huge black mass in the middle of the road that was followed by a long demonic scream, witnessing a exorcism where my 3 year long flatmate started to growl (spine chilling stuff, not like him because he is a very well mannered guy!) in an inhuman tone and his voiced changed while several demons/spirits were being expelled…, etc. But i knew they were ghosts or demons.. But what was that ball the in the sky? a huge orb? UFO..? I live in Australia by the way. Anyone else seen anything similar? This one has me baffled.
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How Sure Can I be?

Ever since I was 3 I saw hooded figures, shadows and things moving around at night. I’ve told my family but quite frankly no one cared or believed me. Then pretty much I continued to see shadow people until I was 12. I denied the very existence of the paranormal and assumed I was mentally unstable. Thinking it might’ve been scizophrenia I brushed off everything I saw. You can call me a skeptic, I take everything I see and approach it with the most logical approach. I just want to know if others have had the same experience as me so that I can at least figure out whats going on.

I’ve seen shadow people, hooded/shaped with human figure shadow-like entities as well as shadow people amidst a dark room when I sleep or walk around during the night at home. I’ve heard voices before, voices I couldn’t distinguish and conversations I couldn’t understand when there is no one around me with sufficient proof that the building I was in allowed no voices from neighbors to be heard. I mean I can’t hear the busy street right in front of my house but I can hear neighbors that are farther way from the house than the street? Doesn’t seem all that possible. There have also been things in my house, moving on their own and objects being clearly misplace when no one touched them. Another time I heard voices in my head(lots of screaming and arguing), walked out of my room to call my family in the living room but no one could hear me. I then walked out of the room a second time, and my mom said I never walked out of the room. So supposedely the first time I never actually walked out of the room. I also got the seating arrangement right when I told my family who was sitting where. So I walked out twice, but was only heard once, yet knew the seating arrangement with had been switched when I exited the room the second time. I’ve also heard footsteps when no one is home. Another strange thing was that recently I started seeing faces or a pair of eyes when I closed my eyes.( I also occassionally smell extremel foul odors similar to rotting meat pass by- with no presence of dead animals) Its usually different faces, some repeating ones too. I also saw … what resembles an orb about a week ago. Can people even see orbs? Once I saw half a woman walking, ya half her body. Also, I take into account about the environmental factors that cause these events. I am a skeptic but I don’t doubt the existence of the paranormal. Fear is also not a factor , I will not see things because I am more afraid simply because I’m not. In no sense am I creeped out by these events. I approach what I see in my house quite frequently in fear of burglars, however I find nothing when I look.

So I appreciate anyone that took the time to read this. Oh, and I forgot to mention, these things stopped happening when I was 12. Now at the age of 17, seems like these events are happening again.
If anyone has seen anything similar please respond. I thank anyone that has read this, I have found no one I could talk to about this because no one i knew has had the same experience.
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Abandoned or Haunted Houses in Saskatchewan

Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone knows of any haunted places around Saskatchewan. I have a few stories to share. Any Canadian stories are welcome too! 🙂

I know of a house in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is a huge mansion and is known as “Clifton Hall.” Encounters that people have had with the spirits who live in the house are featured in the book “More Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan.” It is an excellent book that I highly recommend!

When browsing the MSN group Supernatural Saskatchewan, i came across a post where someone had actually gone to the house, stood outside and got three EVPs! It was really exciting to hear because I went to the old house this past summer with my uncle to see what we could catch on film. Moose Jaw is also a very small, old city with a lot of history. Anyways, we went to the back of the house and this is where people say that you can catch a glimpse of an apparition of a little girl dressed in a white nightgown, standing on the balcony. We didn’t see anything at the back, however I did get some static while filming the balcony, and perhaps it was because of all the energy!

When we went to the front of the house, an orb appeared near the roof and hovered around the attic. It was really exciting. I wish I could post the video but it was a HI-8 camera and not a digital 😛
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