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Should Psychics Face Tougher Controls? By Mark Walls

The argument for tighter control is fair when you see all the US based ‘internet psychics’ Who tell you you have a big window coming up that will mean vast sums of money will come your way, but to take advantage of this’window’ you need a full reading which will cost $60.

Also there are the “fortune Tellers” who will tell your fortune, though some are psychically gifted and can sense things, often they are picking up from your aura what is on your mind and interpreting it, and sometimes just telling you what they think you want to hear. For £5 on a sea front, these are often taken by people with a pince of salt, though if someone walks away from a job or marriage “because a psychic said to” there must have been doubts already present.

Mediums and spiritualism is different, in that Mediums receive messages from those who have passed over to ’spirit’ and whilst there is no scientific proof of the existence of ’spirit’ then the same applies to ‘God’ and all other Religions that pronounce upon “a life after death”

If Spiritual churches are now to declare that the demonstration of Mediumship is for entertainment only, then so should all churches where there is service that involves any mention of ‘life here after’ Or those that propound reincarnation, as no ’scientific proof’ exists of that though many examples of regressive hypnosis have been documented.

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an Angel of the Lord : Response By: grumblebee

I have 100% confidence that I’ve dreamt the situation before

I too am a confirmed skeptic, so I agree with the general sentiment here. But that doesn’t negate your extremely strong FEELING that these dreams are prophetic.

Some people believe that — evidence aside — if something feels really really strong, it must be true (or at least there’s a strong likelihood that it’s true). In fact, many people are religious for this very reason ("Maybe there’s no proof, but I feel God in my heart.")

I’m not convinced that most people can control how much they believe such uber-feelings are manifestations of reality. All I can say is that I don’t think they are. Backing me up is tons of scientific evidence showing how easily our brains can be fooled.

So I don’t trust my feelings to be good meters of what’s going on in the real world, outside myself — especially when my feelings contradict common sense, logic or the findings of science. Some would say that makes me a cold person, but that’s not true. I’m very emotional. I think emotions are the most important things in life. It doesn’t matter that they are not good maps to the material world. They are important because they feel important.

So it is possible to take dreams seriously — as conveyors of deep feelings — without endowing them with supernatural powers.
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Why can’t I move shit with my mind?

On what grounds does one draw the line between quantum physics/mechanics and pseudoscientific claims about the powers of consciousness? I’m naturally skeptical of claims like the following that purport to be supported by quantum physics/mechanics:

– Telekinesis.
– Telepathy.
– Healing yourself with your mind, etc.

I don’t know enough about quantum physics to understand where the reasoning goes south, though. When I read skeptical articles, they usually dismiss the claims by saying “they misunderstand the science,” but they don’t go into detail. That’s what I’m looking for.

If it’s helpful, these sort of things tend to take the idea that your consciousness acts on everything it observes and extrapolates from there.

Does it have something to do with the idea of a “conscious observer” not necessarily meaning “a human being with a conscious,” depending on your interpretation of quantum mechanics? Is it conflating superposition with observer effect? Something else?

Are these claims actually possible in some “legitimate” interpretations but we’re doubtful those interpretations are true? Or are all the claims based on misunderstanding?

I feel like I have a very vague grasp of these concepts, and whenever I try to pinpoint the flaw in reasoning my mind can’t process it.
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