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Thanks You Skeptics

A couple of years ago I joined a local “ghost hunting” crew that had been well established for a considerable amount of time. Having been interested in the field I felt very fortunate to had been given the opportunity. When I had my first meeting with them they handed me a binder with what they told me was their best evidence collected to date and what I found myself thumbing through were the most compelling photographs I had ever seen. These were not just orbs or other “is it or isn’t it” anomalies but real proof! Or so I thought…
When the group founder decided to re-release these photos to the public via their website I decided to take things a step further and offer links to these photos on Ghostvillage. I was very interested in what type of reaction would be generated.
The Skeptics were all over it and questioned every detail. I was overwhelmed became defensive and did not know how to properly respond to what I had regarded at the time as negative feedback. I decided to forward all of the correspondence that had taken place to the founder of our group believing that where as she had been doing this for so long she would be well equipped to know how to address the situation. Her reaction was far from what I had expected.
I was told to immediately remove the posts containing any images or links pertaining to the photographs and that I may NOT release information again without the consent of the entire “team”. At this point I knew something wasn’t right and from then on questioned EVERYTHING. After digging around I discovered an ex-member who left the group weeks prior to my arrival. At first he was reluctant to tell me why exactly it was he left but when I told him I felt as though something smelled like Photoshop he told me the truth. It was all a hoax. He even sent me a program that would help me analyze the photos to see it for myself. Later I would discover fake EVPs and even a member attempting to fake one herself by disguising her voice.
When I quit the team all of the members other than the founder wanted to know why I left. I could not give them the answers they wanted without just coming out with it. They were my friends and had all invested a lot of time and money and although I was threatened to be sued for “defacing” a company name I told them everything. Of course they were in denial but I couldn’t blame them. This project had become their life. Not more then a week later the group collapsed after a client took it upon themselves to have photo evidence analyzed. Apparently the image of a well known European painting had been layered onto one of the photographs.
So again thank you Skeptics. You saved me from going down with the ship and I am grateful.
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