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This regards my daughter.

Hi everyone : ) My name is Heather and I’m glad I found this site to tell my story and maybe talk to other parents out there in my situation – maybe get some advice. This started a few weeks ago.. my daughter, who is almost 3 woke up after sleeping all night and started talking about her “boyfriend”.. “Jack.” I raised my eyebrows and say, “Oh really?!, tell me more!” So she began to tell me this boyfriend of her’s came to her in the night and gave her black flowers. He drives a big truck and crashed into the water and was really sick at the doctor. Ok.. really weird.. now I have to say, I have always been really big into the paranormal, all my life. I remember taking pictures when I was around 6 of ghost in our house, I can’t really remember how it exactly started but my first memory is going down the stairs in my house, in the middle of the night and grabbing a camera and taking a picture behind the couch, I remember my parents developed the film and seeing a white mist in the picture – thats when my love of the paranormal started. I am very open to the paranormal and talk about it a lot with family members and friends. I’m sure Layla will follow in my footsteps.. BUT – I cannot explain this story she has told me. My husband is very freaked out and told me not to talk to her about it – but I can’t let it go. Today, I asked where Jack has been, that I wonder why I haven’t met him yet. She told me he is old like “pa-pa” (my dad who will be 50 this year), Jack has black curly hair and has lots of babies with him. She won’t tell me the things he says or any messages – just that he visits her sometimes when she is sleeping and he lives in a big house in the sky… I don’t know where to go with this. Any advice or similar stories sure would make me feel better – I must note, she isn’t scared at all of him. Just kind of brushes it off like its no big deal.. what 3 year old isn’t scared of an “old man” coming to her in her dreams and giving her black flowers?

thanks guys,

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