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Unexplained burning smells and other activity

Hi I’m new to the site so I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right forum. In 2009 we moved into a home which was about 14 yrs old. The first year an a half living there things were “normal” until last December when we began to experience burning smells at random times and in certain areas. Those smells lasted anywhere from. minute or so. We had 3 different electricians come out and not find any faulty wiring, had our vents cleaned out etc. No cause was found. then many other frightening things happened and I contacted my church and had a Catholic priest come out to do a house blessing. He even experienced the smell himself during the blessing. He suggested to us that we should move if it was affecting our family in a negative way. We did move to a new home in a town nearby. Things were fine for about 3 months and the smells have started again. I contacted our new Parish and had our priest bless the house. He said that sometimes it could be a dead relative that may have trouble “moving on” and that we should pray for their peace. Things were fine for a month and I experienced the smell again. My family and I are to each other now and much closer to God and stronger in our faith. I’m frightened but not as frightened as before and I refuse to move again. It seems like whatever it is followed us. So moving again is not an option. I guess what I’m looking for is as many opinions on what it could be. We haven’t been hurt and otherwise we continue life as normal. But I worry about the stress on me and my two young daughters , specially my oldest who is more aware of this strange of occurance. I apologize for the lengthy post. Thanks !!
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