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Weird device behavior

I’ll keep the background on this short– A couple of months after I moved in to my home, I experienced a few disturbing occurances that I’m not entirely convinced were paranormal. My bed would shake, my fan would move, I had some very vivid dreams and once woke to what I was sure was my daughter standing in my room, only to watch whatever it was vanish. This sort of thing went on for a few months until I couldn’t get any sleep and screamed at it to stop, that whatever it was trying to communicate was not getting across and I needed sleep. At that point, all was quiet.

Until I got a Nook for christmas. This wonderful little device is amazing and I’ve not had one bit of problem with it anywhere I go–except my bedroom. I read a lot and tend to read until I fall asleep at night. The problems have mostly been things that I attributed to annoying technical glitches–I’d be reading and suddenly the page would disappear, pages would suddenly skip forward several steps, it would power cycle, etc. These things only happened when I was in my bedroom, but I had thought that it was just my poor luck that I’d be trying to relax and experience technical issues. Until last night, that is.

In case you’re unfamiliar with ereader functionality, if you touch the screen once, a special menu pops up. I was trying to read, my fingers far removed from the screen, and the menu kept popping up and then disappearing on me. It happened so many times off and on that I moved away from it and asked (I don’t know why) “are you doing that on purpose?” It didn’t happen again until about a minute later when I said, “if you’re doing that on purpose, do it again.” The menu popped up. I was at a loss as to what to say for quite some time and nothing happened, but at this point, I was a little excited. I finally asked, “do I know you?” Nothing happened. I said, “if I know you, do that twice.” It popped up once and the word “the” on the screen was highlighted. It kept highlighting and unhighlighting the word “the,” but I didn’t know what to say, got frustrated with it and said I needed to go to sleep. Nothing more happened. If it happens again, I plan to record it on video, but am not altogether comfortable with inviting communication in my bedroom.

Thoughts, anyone?
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