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What is this horrible thing following me?

I really don’t know how to explain this without sounding insane, but i’ll try my best. Excuse the rambling.

One house I lived in sticks out like a sore thumb in my memory. It was a horrible place where everyone who stepped in it seemed to become horrible themselves. It drove my family mad and I would always sneak into my parents bedroom and sleep behind their bed. They said I told them that “They keep staring at me.” One day I remember hiding in the closet because when everyone was asleep, it sounded like a group of people came into the kitchen with boots on and ran around our table for 2 hours straight and then it stopped as soon as it started. Yet another night I remember cleaning up my room when it got really silent and all of my cupboards slammed open. I wouldn’t step foot in my room, I stopped sleeping, I was having horrible nightmares where all my toys were moving around trying to kill me every night so I had my mom lock them all away in a chest (this is part of the “sounding insane”). I also had a reoccuring dream that included stigmata and I kept trying to run down this staircase from something but instead of moving forward I kept going backwards and I would start suffocating.
To this day i’ll randomly have this nightmare for a few days where i’m almost figureless and walking through that house… but it’s… distorted. Like the image of it is tipped at an angle and the lighting is really green and I sit at the top of the stairs staring into the basement waiting for something, I never know what is but I just get this horrible feeling that something bad is gonna happen if it ever shows up.

Ever since then it’s like something is following me, and the thing is I rarely talk about it to people… but they always seem to notice and bring it up to me.

When I moved in with my grandma after my grandpa died, I woke up screaming after his funeral because something grabbed my leg and It felt like it was trying to drag me. After that all of her pictures of him would be turned over and facing downwards, she had to put them back up every morning when she woke up.

Moved in with a friend and her mother told me “Yeah our house was haunted but we got rid of it.” and a week later it started up again. It freaked everyone out but it became a joke that “I think our ghost has a crush on you” because it only happened when I was there. I would throw little balls of paper out into the hallway and it would push it back towards me. One day I even told them “Oh btw when did you get a cat? It keeps showing up randomly” And they told me… “well we had one, but it died a year ago”

Years later me and that friend got an apartment. The first night I was left alone I had to sit out on the balcony until she came home because something kept walking around in the hallway and went into the bathroom and turned the faucet on and off. I closed the blinds on the glass door because I kept having this gut feeling that something was really going wrong and that something didn’t want me in there to see what it was doing. Every single time I was left there alone I could instantly feel something come out and stand behind me. I had to keep her door shut because I always saw this guy walk in there and lay down on her bed. We eventually put powder across her door when we left for the week as a joke, when we came back it looked like someone clawed through it with their fingers. It ended up randomly showing up in every place shes lived in after that.

Year later I moved in with my sister and it started again. I was only there for a week when she went to cook something, and the flame went up the wall and started the entire apartment on fire.

Had to move in with another friend and I couldn’t sleep anymore because everytime I would start to passout, it felt like someone would slap me as hard as they could in the forehead and i’d dart out of bed. I always thought it was some sort of “hallucination” that comes with alot of sleeping disorders. But when I had that “being watched” feeling again I told her mother and she said they had the house exorcised a couple years back because the same thing kept happening to her younger kids and she kept telling me “You better not have brought something back in here” so I quit telling her.

When I lived with my cousin the same thing happened with the pictures again. I would keep getting these wierd “twinges” that something was there and i’d see like a fading flash of this large dog walking across the room and then it would go back to normal. I had another series of wierd dreams that ended with that dog sitting across from me and this girl sitting there bleeding from her arms and crying hysterically.

It’s just like everywhere it keeps turning up. Im not harmed physically but it just feels so horrible when it shows up. I guess the simplest way I can put it is, it makes me feel like it’s always going to be there behind me watching and it won’t let anyone near me.

The reason why I ask is the dream I had last night. I was being constantly followed by this huge shadowey figure and it was driving me insane. Everyone i’ve lived with over the years where this happened was in a room and they were throwing me an intervention because they thought I was on drugs. When I kept walking in circles like I was paranoid, they made me scream my frustration out. When I was done they asked me “do you feel better now?” and I just replied with “No, because he’s still here following me” and after that I started screaming again at the top of my lungs like I was being murdered and I woke up and shot out of bed again. My blankets and pillows were across the room. When I went upstairs I could hear my bedroom door creaking loudly opening and closing back and forth for about 20 minutes. It finally stopped so I took the dog down there with me and as soon as she walked through the doorway she started shivering really bad. And then I heard someone doing it upstairs when no one was home. It’s stopped but the people i’m staying with have two younger children…
The youngest is 3 or 4 and a few weeks back she looked at me, then to my right, and she had this wierd look. She stared straight up at me and asks “Whos your friend?” “What friend?” “Ughh the guy who keeps walking by you!” After that I wouldn’t leave the living room and I kept asking her if he was still there, after about 30 minutes of this she goes “Oh he left, he got bored and went back downstairs.” Now she keeps yelling in her sleep and she won’t stay in her room at night.

And here I am again not sleeping because i’m freaked out. This is just one huge randomly pieced together story that i’ve left alot out of, but can anyone tell me or clue me in on what the heck this is? I’ve tried ignoring it, rationalizing the situation and making sure it’s “real”, but it always comes back. Everyone keeps telling me it’s probably just a ghost that’s attached to me, but that’s never the feeling I get. It feels overbearing and different than that. It’s been happening for as long as I can remember and i’m just so d.rained worrying about it.
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