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To help the dead

I have communicated with and put to rest the bodiless spirits that many people call ghosts since I was little. The best way to contact a ghost is through meditation. If you do not have your inner eye open you’ll never be able to see them. Auric senses, also known as the sixth sense, are something that can be learned.

To open the auric eye there are excersises that people can perform to try and see thier own auras and spirit so that they can recognize the ones thats till dwell around us. To be aurically enlightened, depending on how skilled you are, there becomes people like the PSY vampires, that can draw energy off of another person, and those that think they -must- draw energy.

Aura however is different than the actual soul. Aura stems from the soul. So a bodiless soul can not have any aura. The aura disperses at death, and therefore unlike calling a person to you by sparking thier own aura into your direction, you can not call a soul to you. However, people let off an aura of attraction. Pheremones are a physical reaction to the aura set off, but there are other types of attractions. There is an attraction to the soul, where you have used and bent enough aura where bodiless souls are attracted to you.

Children often send off this type of auric attraction because they are more aware of thier aura as colors and other images than most adults are. Usually it fades as they grow older, but there are cases where this auric signal does not fade. This is how the person is gifted to see and talk to the dead. A child can be taught to kept this attraction, sometimes by thier parents, but sometimes by someone who is interferring from the otherside.

Enlightened spirits usually do not interfere, however there are certain spirits that are very intelligent but unhappy. A child can not control which ones he/she can block out or not. Wards are a delicate situation that can keep the wrong type of spirit from your child. If there is no one that can protect the child, then it is not a good idea to allow for the child to keep thier sight of the supernatural.

Protection is a hard thing to accomplish, but not impossible. I am only 16. My parents could not protect me and many horrors came from it. I am going on 17 soon, and I am very sickly. My parents do not believe in the supernatural which put me in the position to teach myself, and allow for others on the other side to teach me. This was a bad choice, and it has caused me much grief.

I’m here to help others ward when necessary, and teach when necessary on how to contact them. If you need help, post on this board, or contact me at LittleFeather323@mail.com. I’m here to help.

Be Safe.
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Made me wonder….

I won’t bore you all with the long story but the short if it is that several years ago I began looking into the idea of spirit guides. When I started reading up on it and looking more and more into it, for some reason I kept getting this name Jacob that seemed to resonate in my head for no reason that I could place. After not coming to any conclusion one way or another on the topic I ceased my studying but didn’t forget the name Jacob. I should also add that I never spoke to a single living soul about the name Jacob.

Today, while at work, I was talking with a guy who is very much into Wicca and just general spiritualism. He began to tell me that I am protected by 6 spirit guides and then asked me if the name Jacob meant anything to me, as he is one of the guides. I was pretty shocked, and I am not one to shock easy, but I am curious what if any means others have used to get more in tune with spirit guides.
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Telepathy, Spirituality, Channeling and much more

This is perhaps a rational to explain 10 or 12 major paranormal phenomena which have been developing in my mind for a while.

From long before working on my TV series I’ve long held the belief that the life source or spirit is light plasma and this is typified by the action of cerebral plasma which is used in the brain to fire off thoughts across synaptic gaps. Stars, light, speed of light, plasma fields, luminescent orbs and genuine ectoplasm events are all light plasma.

That said I have also long held the suspicion that God could be a field of thought that our brains are are set to tune in to as receivers when we are in physical incarnation. In dream or trance states we are immersed in the field of thought and when we are conscious we are filtering the huge amount of activity required to access remote thoughts by keeping it located in our sub-conscious minds. This could offer a neatly packaged explanation for telepathy, synchronicity, ideas cropping up like Jung’s daffodils at the same time but independent of each other’s research, remote healing, channeling, remote viewing, intuits, power of prayer etc. etc. Perhaps gives an almost rational explanation for 10 or 12 major paranormal phenomena.

Working on my series we found support for these formulated beliefs in a number of fields.

What do you think?
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