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Learn Psychic Development Site News

The site has been updated with a new template in preparation for switching to SSL in compliance with Google requirements. It is not as pretty as the original template but has been configured to look as similar to the old design as possible.

Also removed a lot of old posts and updated the pages with videos including the YouTube channel for them all, although finding them is much easier on the site as YouTube does not allow alphabetical categorization!

It has been some time since updating the site during which various 3rd party tools/scripts are no longer available so have been removed from relevant pages.

The Book/CD/DVD section has also been updated as Amazon has chosen to discontinue their shop, so a temporary banner has been added until a more suitable solution can be implemented.

The Events section has also been updated with forthcoming events.

Ancient Egyptian Statue Has Begun Moving On Its Own

Curators at the Manchester Museum say that they’ve had this particular relic, a piece of history dating back to 1800 BC, on display for 80 years, but it wasn’t until several weeks ago when they began to notice its mysterious movements.

Ancient Technology Video

In today’s society, with computers, laptops, mobile phones, running tap water and central heating we take technology for granted, but how far have we really come?

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