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Religion Video

Religion is a collection of beliefs, usually including a set of moral codes, devotional or ritual observances that relate humanity to the spiritual.

Reincarnation Video

Reincarnation is the belief that the soul passes on to a new body after death.

Gladwin, MI

Gladwin State Forest Area

More haunted places in Michigan submitted by our users. The following was submitted by brice and remains un-altered:
The woods are rumored to have had a strange cult like group of people that would spend nights in the woods chanting and doing rituals, according to locals and witnesses the group stopped visiting the area some time in 2007.
Since this time strange incidents have been reported, people have reported blacking out randomly, and entering cold spots that soon go away.
Two different police reports have been filled out claiming that the person was suddenly scratched across the back, but both people claimed that when they turned to face their attacker no one was there. The most common thing people have reported in the woods is screaming from a long distance away, and loud talking that quickly stops.
The last strange thing reported about the woods is a certain area in the woods named “Elliotts pass”, supposedly this location is where the cult held their gatherings, animal sacrifices, and initiations which came in the form of rape for women and for men, and draining a pint of blood by cutting off the tip of the left ring finger.
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