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Space Pictures This Week: Atlantis, Geyser Moon

A shuttle stays under wraps and Saturn’s moon spurts ice in this week’s best space pictures.

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Planet Has Four Suns: Amateur Astronomy Finds Tatooine Times Two

Step aside Tatooine. A newfound planet known as PH1 has not two but four suns, scientists announced this week.

Odd system is the first discovered by amateur planet hunters.

Previously, six other planets had been found circling double stars, but “this is the first planet discovered in a four-star system,” Yale planetary astronomer Megan Schwamb said Monday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences in Reno, Nevada.

PH1, which is about 6.2 times Earth’s width, orbits two of the stars, which are themselves orbited by a second pair.

One of the primary stars is super bright and 1.7 times larger than our sun. The other is dimmer and is only 41 percent the width of our sun. PH1 circles these two at about two-thirds the distance of Earth from our sun.

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Deepest Ever Hubble View: "History of the Universe in a Single Image"

Famous for dazzling the eye, Hubble may blow a few minds today too, by peering deeper—and therefore farther back in time—than ever before.

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