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Orbs… The great debate!

Hi folks,

I’m new to the boards… But many of you may have seen our ad on the side banners of the site for our original web-series “Gallo Family Ghost Hunters”

The reason for this post is to get everyone’s take on one of the most controversial subjects in the paranormal field…. Orbs. Now while I get and understand that this phenomenon can indeed be caused by dust and condensation… We only seem to be getting them when we are actively taking photos in what we feel are haunted locations… For example… We were in a small 200 year old haunted cemetery that was just restored and were getting some really incredible EVP evidence… When we reviewed our photographs, we noticed an orb hovering near my daughter… The next photo is where I turned to photograph a different part of the cemetery… When I turned back to photograh her again, the same orb was still ther only higher up near the EMF detector she was holding…

I have shown this evidence to some of my fellow paranormal friends and they debunk it as the usual dust orb… But I’m not so sure… It just seems uncanny to me that these orbs are only showing up “where they should” and nowhere else in my photo’s…. We have other cases similar to this one where the orbs just seem make sense…

Any thoughts?

Bobby J.
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