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Three addresses to stay clear of

With all the episodes we shot on my paranormal series and my life experiences the most haunted places are:

1) Fort San, Saskatchewan, Canada – apparitions, luminescent orbs (paranormal variety), ectoplasms, touches, evps, audio anomalies, light anomalies, voices, attempted possession, emf triggers etc.

2) I Berkeley Crescent, Bristol, UK Built on one of the main hanging sites in Bristol about 250 years ago. Haunted by 8 repeating apparitions.

3) 61 Grange Avenue, Toronto ON, Canada. Possessed house. Very dark and ancient “demon”.
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Ghost Detecting Equipment

The figures crept along the dark house slowly, arms outstretched. “Right along here,” said one of them, “you can feel it.” They both stopped suddenly as they felt a chill in the air. Out came the IR thermometer and EMF audio pickup. (more…)

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