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Stop Faking Ghost Shows, Please!

As much as I enjoy watching TV ghost shows, I have to say that I am often quite irritated when I detect that the investigators involved may be faking the supposed paranormal activity. It is soooo annoying. Sadly, such manufactured “ghostly” activity has become far too common in these shows, and this often results in my reaching for the OFF switch of my TV set with a weary sigh.

When I sit down to watch a ghost hunting show, I expect it to be GENUINE, and not just some exaggerated piece of shallow rubbish, with obviously scripted dialogue and over-theatrical behaviour when even as much as a spoon is chucked across a darkened room.

When I first started watching these shows, I did initially think that they were all genuine, especially when the presenter took you into actual haunted places and interviewed the owners and other people there about their reported “paranormal” experiences. However, the more I watched these shows, and the more I read certain devious things about them that raised questions about their sincerity, the more I began to doubt that they were all that they seemed to be. Furthermore, the antics of these TV investigators became so tiresome and predictable that I even found myself bursting out laughing, as they were just getting to be beyond a joke. Just as if you would stay in a creepy, darkened cellar whilst being repeatedly assaulted by an apparent “malevolent entity”, and just as if a spirit would immediately – and without fail – respond to your queries of “Is anybody there?” with well-timed knocks.

The fakery and theatrics in a lot of these shows has become so regular now that it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which incidents are genuine and which are staged. It’s just like the boy who cried wolf, for one day these investigators could actually experience GENUINE paranormal activity, but if they have generated a rather dogdy reputation for themselves for faking ghostly activity, then they are going to find it very difficult to convince viewers that this time it’s all for real.

Even some of the so-called “psychic mediums” that accompany the TV investigators to these supposedly “haunted” buildings can often project a rather ludicrous, questionable impression. “Is there anybody there?” they call out, and on the occasions that they DO appear to contact a spirit, they give pretty thin and vague descriptions which almost anybody who knows how to exaggerate spirit medium capability would be able to do, with no trouble. To be honest, I am quite surprised that these TV ghost shows have been allowed to get away with their exaggerated investigation antics for so long, as there must be millions of people who have sussed them out and, as a result, are switching their program off, just as I have been doing.

Just for once, I would LOVE to see a GENUINE, SERIOUS paranormal investigation show – one whose makers would not feel the need to resort to staging silly ghostly activity in order to inject some kind of “entertainment” factor into the programme to boost up ratings. I would rather endure an hour or so of little paranormal activity from a truthful investigation than be subjected to false “bumps” in the night and manufactured moans and howls from a TV crew who are just doing it to keep up their TV fame.

Come on, PROPER TV ghost hunters – where are you all?
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Eastern Pennsylvania Team

Hello everyone,
We’re a team that was created in 2008, we focus on helping home and business owners with their experiences in the paranormal and keep everything confidential, unless otherwise preferred (sometimes businesses like to promote hauntings for, which is fine as well.

We use a combination of science and sensitivity, with occasional assistance of mediums or psychics. We have a variety of opinions, faiths and beliefs in our group. We always treat everyone (alive or deceased) with respect and dignity. We do what we can to help everyone coexist, understand each other, move on, or whatever else can be done for each situation.

We’re not looking for any new members at this time and is rare that we do, however, we allow anyone to submit applications that will be held and reviewed as first come/first serve when needed.

We are always accepting requests for investigations, but we do limit to Berks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding area most of the time. We will occasionally travel beyond, so it can’t hurt to ask. If we’re unable to assist you, we will do our best to refer you to someone else we feel may be able to help.

In the coming months, we may attempt to contact other local groups for a “Meet & Greet” of paranormal teams, so if you’re interested in being notified of that event, please leave a response or contact us. (It will be held in Berks County, Pennsylvania.)

Blessings to all,
PA Paranormal Association
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