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Psychic Reading Demonstrations

There are a wealth of spiritual mediums providing psychic readings of all sorts on the internet, which we are gradually gathering here for convenience. In this section the mediums have been recorded during a live session/demonstration where they attempt to contact spirits of the deceased to pass on a message to a member of the audience.

How do you deal with bad news from a Medium?

I recently had a reading from a respected medium. I have had a very good reading from this lady a couple of years ago so I decided to try her again. The reading went well until the end when she told me she saw a young man in my life suffering from a serious health problem. She felt that it could be the son that still lives at home and that he would not die but the illness could be a series of strokes and be very serious for him. If it is not my son who is going to university in September it is one of his friends who is close to our family like a son. Usually I would not feel too worried about a reading knowing that it is entirely possible she is wrong but when it was about my child I can’t stop thinking about it. I haven’t told him about it but his dad thinks I should. He told me today he has had a pain behind his eye and he was wondering if it is allergies and I told him to go to the doctor for a physical !!!
Was that overreacting??? What would you do if you got that type of news from a medium that has a very good track record?
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