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Eastern Pennsylvania Team

Hello everyone,
We’re a team that was created in 2008, we focus on helping home and business owners with their experiences in the paranormal and keep everything confidential, unless otherwise preferred (sometimes businesses like to promote hauntings for business..lol), which is fine as well.

We use a combination of science and sensitivity, with occasional assistance of mediums or psychics. We have a variety of opinions, faiths and beliefs in our group. We always treat everyone (alive or deceased) with respect and dignity. We do what we can to help everyone coexist, understand each other, move on, or whatever else can be done for each situation.

We’re not looking for any new members at this time and is rare that we do, however, we allow anyone to submit applications that will be held and reviewed as first come/first serve when needed.

We are always accepting requests for investigations, but we do limit to Berks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding area most of the time. We will occasionally travel beyond, so it can’t hurt to ask. If we’re unable to assist you, we will do our best to refer you to someone else we feel may be able to help.

In the coming months, we may attempt to contact other local groups for a “Meet & Greet” of paranormal teams, so if you’re interested in being notified of that event, please leave a response or contact us. (It will be held in Berks County, Pennsylvania.)

Blessings to all,
PA Paranormal Association
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Pet Psychics

The woman places her hand over the dog’s head closes her eyes and begins to hum. The noise distracts the dog, which was previously panting away seemingly unconcerned, and which now fixes its gaze on the woman. The dog tilt’s its head, almost as if it is listening to something the other people in the room can not hear or understand. After a moment the dog looks away and resumes panting. The woman stops the humming, opens her eyes, and gives the dog a vigorous rub before releasing it. The dog trots back to its owner, who looks at the woman expectantly. What will the pet psychic tell her about the inner workings of the dog’s mind?

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Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.