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Should Psychics Face Tougher Controls? By Dorothy

I have read all of the comment so far and it appears that there are a lot of ignorant people out there. When I say ignorant, I mean that they come from a place of ‘not knowing’ and there are those who have closed minds.

Spiritualism was on the Earth many, many years before the recognised and ‘organised’ religions. Seers and prophets have also been on the Earth before today’s religions; these were the mediums and psychics of their day.

A true Spirit medium connects with Spirit to deliver truth and guidance that is timely and appropriate for the listener. The emphasis is always on ‘guidance’. All those who come for a reading from a true Spirit medium should always be advised that they have free will to either accept the guidance given, or not. If the words they hear fit in with a current situation in their lives and offers a helpful way forward, then they may choose to accept it. If the listener does not feel that they can ‘work’ with this guidance,or that it does not fit in with their feelings about the situation, then they should ignore it. It does not mean that the information is incorrect, but that the listener has chosen at that time not to accept it. This is free will, which we all have.

A psychic is one who predicts the future and some who practice psychic readings also receive their information from Spirit.

In both situations – guidance or a future prediction – it is for the listener to decide whether that which is being given is acceptable and resonates with what is happening in their lives at that particular time. If they feel it is not, then they are free to withhold payment. As with all purchases, the consumer is king!

I accept that there are vulnerable people who are searching for answers and need protection those who will exploit them, but will this new piece of government interference really solve the problem. I think not.


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Should Psychics Face Tougher Controls? By Mark Walls

The argument for tighter control is fair when you see all the US based ‘internet psychics’ Who tell you you have a big window coming up that will mean vast sums of money will come your way, but to take advantage of this’window’ you need a full reading which will cost $60.

Also there are the “fortune Tellers” who will tell your fortune, though some are psychically gifted and can sense things, often they are picking up from your aura what is on your mind and interpreting it, and sometimes just telling you what they think you want to hear. For £5 on a sea front, these are often taken by people with a pince of salt, though if someone walks away from a job or marriage “because a psychic said to” there must have been doubts already present.

Mediums and spiritualism is different, in that Mediums receive messages from those who have passed over to ’spirit’ and whilst there is no scientific proof of the existence of ’spirit’ then the same applies to ‘God’ and all other Religions that pronounce upon “a life after death”

If Spiritual churches are now to declare that the demonstration of Mediumship is for entertainment only, then so should all churches where there is service that involves any mention of ‘life here after’ Or those that propound reincarnation, as no ’scientific proof’ exists of that though many examples of regressive hypnosis have been documented.

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