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Being Moved by Telekinesis

The ability to move objects with the mind is one that has fascinated people for more than a hundred years at least. From bodily knocking down an opponent to influencing the fall of dice or healing a wound at will, Telekinesis has many reported applications – if it can be proven to be real, that is.

Read article: http://www.psychicandclairvoyant.co.uk/BeingMovedByTelekinesis.html

Martial Arts Demonstration of Psychic Energy Power

Very clever and amusing video of a martial arts demonstrator showing Mental Telekinesis Energy to control the actions of another – this is choreographed satire/spoof!

Telekinesis Exists! Come See!

Documentary on the scientists from the Institute of Biosensor Psychology in St. Petersburg, Russia have been registered in their book of records. It took them in less time to teach the ABC,s of teleportation to 250 people. In the less time of these people being taught, they were able to produce telekinetic results using the principle of teleportation. what’s even more interesting is the fact that, the Russian scientists say that, they are getting tired of telling the world that teleportation or telekinesis does exist! This video proves that they are institutes in this world that are undergoing serious research and scientific studies to prove that there is a force at bay behind all this, and that, we are all capable of such miraculous abilities