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I’m the Writer/Director of “Beyond”, the paranormal TV Series. Although the series has just completed its Comcast and Space Channel licenses and gone into recent DVD release it is not entirely the end of “Beyond”.

The series investigated 52 subjects of paranormal phenomena in depth to the leading edge of academic research. The information in the series is very “current” and it is our intention to keep it up to date. To this end every couple of years we will add specials to explore new advances in information on the subject. The purpose for making this post is not to sell the series… it’s already been sold and is now in second license markets. The purpose for this post is basically twofold:

1. To put out the word for any leading edge information on any paranormal subject to keep us current and at the forefront of the subjects. Anything that gives a fresh angle on what is happening within a given phenomenon that you have not seen before on TV and 2. A “Hello” from to say I am available for questions if anyone has any from the series or about paranormal subjects not related to the series. Anything from the small questions to the big questions like “Is there scientific proof of life beyond death?”

I’ve not added a link to series site in order to avoid trolling issues but if you need to prove I’m real you can go to the “Beyond” site and email the info there… put “for Steve” in the subject line and I’ll respond accordingly.
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Telepathy, Spirituality, Channeling and much more

This is perhaps a rational to explain 10 or 12 major paranormal phenomena which have been developing in my mind for a while.

From long before working on my TV series I’ve long held the belief that the life source or spirit is light plasma and this is typified by the action of cerebral plasma which is used in the brain to fire off thoughts across synaptic gaps. Stars, light, speed of light, plasma fields, luminescent orbs and genuine ectoplasm events are all light plasma.

That said I have also long held the suspicion that God could be a field of thought that our brains are are set to tune in to as receivers when we are in physical incarnation. In dream or trance states we are immersed in the field of thought and when we are conscious we are filtering the huge amount of activity required to access remote thoughts by keeping it located in our sub-conscious minds. This could offer a neatly packaged explanation for telepathy, synchronicity, ideas cropping up like Jung’s daffodils at the same time but independent of each other’s research, remote healing, channeling, remote viewing, intuits, power of prayer etc. etc. Perhaps gives an almost rational explanation for 10 or 12 major paranormal phenomena.

Working on my series we found support for these formulated beliefs in a number of fields.

What do you think?
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Introduction – a life in paranormal phenomena


By way of introduction my name is Steven. I’ve been involved with the paranormal my whole life since my mother took over a large house and turned it into a hotel when I was 2 y/o. The house turned out to have been built on a hanging site about 250 years ago and was one of the most haunted sites in the UK.

At age 16 I entered the theatre on my way to becoming a film director. Most of the old theatres I worked in were haunted. On taking my second job in theatre I found myself in an apartment just round the corner from an Occult bookstore in Worthing, West Sussex. Being young I had dramatic tastes and was in there buying buying books like the “Key of Solomon” every week. The old woman and her grey cat who worked at the shop decided to help shape my tastes away from demons and magic and successful redirect my imagination to Gurjieff, Ouspensky, Jaques Bergier and Mme. Blavatsky. Then she started feeding me hand written manuscripts by Authors like Arthur S Knight. At which point I questioned who she was… really. Turned out she was Chairman of the Theosophical Society and had published a number of works including a five volume set of Blavatsky’s secret doctrine which she had abridged herself. A copy of which she gave to me as a parting gift when I moved on to my first job directing in theatre in London. She was a wonderful woman. Far more wonderful than I fully appreciated until I was older. She had set me on a path of investigation based on reality rather than fantasy that stood me well in later years. Supernature rather than supernatural.

As time went by I worked with Buddhists, Taoists, five Shamans from different cultures ranging from African Voodoo to Latin American Brujos. A “hobby” that took me into deserts, jungles and urban environments all over the world.

In 2004 I had the opportunity to write and direct a Paranormal Investigation TV series which allowed me to fuse my hobby with my career. The series was extended to four season and ran successfully in Canada and USA until recently. It was a departure from my regular feature film work and generally one does not move from a career in features to temporary broadcast work but the series ended up allowing me to hire a team of 12 plus academic researchers from University of Toronto and devote in depth and leading edge investigations into 52 aspects of the paranormal phenomena. I moved back to feature films when I was done with the series and am back to the normal relationship between hobby and career. Doing that series I found myself in sometimes extreme situations experiencing phenomena first hand but with the chance of gathering the analytic and reflective reactions of medical Doctors, scientists, engineers, theologians, academics as well as paranormal professionals. The great thing about working on the series was that my personal questions like those regarding life beyond death were resolved in every way. No more doubts.

I now feel the need to keep abreast of current information and to be available as a resource of information or advice where necessary or useful.

Thank you.
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