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Crop Circle Video

Crop circles are an unexplained phenomena that sparks a lot of controversy. These large and sometimes intricate patterns appear in cornfields overnight and can best be viewed from above.

Good books about unexplained phenomena?

What are some well-written, readily-available books about, for want of a better term, ‘the unexplained:’ apparently psychic phenomena, apparitions, telepathy, and the like? I have a pen-pal who is at college studying electrical engineering in north-eastern Africa. He has a great curiosity about philosophy, literature, and the arts, but books of all kinds are hard to come by where he is, so I have been sending him some of my old volumes.

He’s expressed a particular interest in these ‘unexplained’ phenomena, but I am a skeptic, and haven’t anything that fits the bill. What are some good general works on these subjects? Ideally, I suppose, I’d prefer books that would allow him to draw his own conclusions, and are neither blindly credulous nor dogmatically skeptical.
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Good books about unexplained phenomena : Response By: low_horrible_immoral

You could always get him a subscription to the Fortean Times – they tread the tightrope between credulity and forcible scepticism pretty well. Or go back to the source – I think Fort’s works are all still available in print.
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