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Precognition Video

Precognition is the ability to foresee future events that cannot be determined by presently available information. A Premonition is an advanced view of the future, sometimes a warning or circumstance which may appear in various forms, in dreams or as a feeling or unexplained ‘knowing’ that an event will occur before it happens. (more…)

Not sure what ability is defined as or how to improve it

Im new to this forum, and have looked through quite a bit of the forums but am still lost!

Im 24, an Aquarius with an intuitive side.

I first noticed an ability from dreaming. This first happened when i fell asleep and dreamed of an American Airlines MD-80. It wasnt crashing. It was trying to land but it couldnt and it just kept flying low and low. Well i turn on the news the following morning and that exact plane couldnt land because of a landing gear problem, in Miami.

A few weeks later i had a dream i had 3 missed calls and a voicemail from my brother and in the VM he told me that my father had passed away. Well again 2 days later 3 missed calls and a voicemail from my brother Tyler. Only it wasnt that my dad had passed away.

I had a dream about my mother calling and telling me about my grandma passing away and that happened a few days after i dreamt it.

—-I dont always remember my dreams but when i do, theyre something meaningful or eventful
ie. Im never flying to Detroit because i had a dream i was on a flight out of Detroit and it crashed. They scariest part was in my dream, i was a passenger on the plane! I woke up sweating, out of breath, and everything. It was so vivid, i had a window seat and all.

1- Is there any way to improve on this or is it something i just accept??

Other than that i dont remember any dreams.

My next question/situation.
I get Dejavu all the time! Its to the point where i have to stop and catch my breath. Its like a heavy feeling on my chest and head. Its all to places ive never been to before!! I just get a feeling like ive been there before. (Maybe in another life)

2- Has anyone ever had these???

I say i have a very intuitive side but im not sure how to improve on it!
Sometimes i have it very strong, other times i dont. Many times if im driving and ill ask myself which way to go, and i will get a feeling inside whether its good or bad on what way i should take.
Also gambling i get a feeling on what slots are going to be good. and ive always won some good amount on them.
With people i can tell if theyre good or bad just by sensing them without even talking to them.
In past relationships i call them “intuition episodes” where something tells me to do something (this past time was to go on this dating site my boyfriend is on) and he had posted something which lead to his intentions to cheat. But hadnt because i had caught him. Mind you, i havent been on that site in almost 6 months, but something told me to check his profile. When he asked me who told me to check it, he didnt believe me when i said “a little birdie in my head”. Things like this have happened multiple times.

2- Im trying to improve my intuition, anyone have any tips???

Lastly, Wheni i lived in my condo it was haunted and i ioved it. There were many events but i will just summarize them.I saw a black figure in my laundry room walking by. Lights would turn on and off. Doors opening and slamming closed. He would come into the shower with me, I say this because the curtain would blow quite a bit and i would become freezing under a hot shower. I kept telling him, you can talk to me. but i never got anything.

Ever since then i can tell when a place is haunted just by looking at it because i get this feeling where the hair on my neck and back stand up. I did that with my brothers farm house, and my other friends house. The first time i ever had been there i went in the basement to get some pop and had a feeling of old, hurt, and i just knew someone had died. So i asked who died down there, and it was the pervious owners mother.

Is that still intuition or Clairsentience??

Sorry this is so long, but i appreciate any feedback 🙂
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