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Extra Sensory Perception Video

Extra sensory perception, referred to as ESP is the ability to sense things that our physical senses do not. (more…)

What abilities do you have and how do they work?

I m a 34 year old male with different abilities. For many generations my family have been sensitives, protecters, and healers. Most of them are female. I follow a blood line of medicine men & woman and also some shawmen. Although most of my family with these gifts are woman the males have been more sensitive.

I live in Northwestern Ontario Canada. In this area many years ago use to be Indian wars different tribes fighting over territory and hunting grounds so there has been a lot of death and carnage. As of now there are still tribal feuds and family feuds. The woman in my family have always felt the sickness and sadness of people. Where the males always see more of the evil side of people along with the sadness and sickness. And now its my turn.

When walking down a hallway in say a large mall I would hear people’s anger and what they want to do to people. I thought it was because they where cranky and hated being where they were. I know the way that feels I hate shopping. But anyways after hearing this for some years I grew up and realized there’s more to it. And I have talked and learned how to deal with how can I say it Evil.

I was never concerned dealing with people that are sick and sad but evil always kept me on edge. So I contacted my great uncle which was a well respected elder and was even respected by other elders that didn’t like where he came from. He was like a shaman and his goal was to get these disputes to end between different tribes. While doing this he said a lot of evil came forth trying to stop or harm him so he learnt how to deal with it. One day I went to him and said I think I have seen and heard Black entities. And they are trying to come to me but I had a protection put on myself. He said why black entities how do you know this. I said because they didn’t take shape of humans and said they where from the old times. I mentioned some of the names to him which I will not repeat now. (he said how you get there names I demanded them) he said you did what I said I demanded they tell me who they are and what they want. He said those are just evil entities they are Demons. Right away he started a ritual and taught me how to deal with them. I don’t go out looking for them but I know how to protect myself. And yes I still see bad spirits.

Once I stop fearing them I kind of got interested in them. Most are just ignorant and yell call me names. Like I will walk in a area where one is and it will run at me screaming trying to get me to leave but once it realizes I’m not afraid it backs down but is still really vulgar. Another time I went with my Great uncle to a reserve where one of the elders was getting ready to leave our world. And my uncle had to go cleanse him and see him to the other side. He warned me that there will be a lot of spirits there and a lot are not good ones he said make sure you protect ur self against them.

What happened there where to families living on this reserve that had battled for many generations and a lot of people had died. On both sides. Even in the last twenty years that had been murder. But my uncle was neutral to both sides now they both really respected him. He also told me that there where a lot of them fighting and killing he said some even basically cursed certain members with black entities. I don’t know if anyone has been in an area like this but the black entities walk among the other spirits but the difference is they are blacked out with a red hue or aura around them. So as I went with him to this reserve the old part where a lot of the elders from both sides live all I saw was red and seen a lot of dark spirits but they wouldn’t come around because of my uncle but I made the mistake of leaving his side. I attracted them like flies to honey.

They came from across the field, out of the river, and out of the forest. I was overwhelmed all of a sudden as they almost got to me my uncle and the chief of the reserve and some other elders came to me. All the bad spirits went back from where they came from except three of them. They stood like ten feet tall and more dark they wouldn’t come forward. One was standing in the field, another stood in the river and the other at the edge of the bush. As the group of elders broke up into three groups, each group started walking towards one of these very large black entities. Now these entities stood there ground hissing and growling. Yelling and screeching. Something I have never heard before or seen before. I was told these are old black entities they are like the demonic. They were the ones that they said caused people to hurt others or them selves.

At the river there is a bridge that expands the river right at the top of a very large dangerous current. And I was told that a lot of there reserve members had commit suicide there and that the entity I seen in the river called them there. I have never felt so much bad stuff in my life.

When my Great uncle passed away myself and my grandfather and father had brought him to some of these reserves so the people can pay there respects. People came from all over the north to see and pay there respects to my great uncle. And for the first time in over 150 years or something like that the two families came together in one spot to see my uncle. And the two oldest elders of each family met and decided the war was over. From what I heard there are other places just as bad or even worse that did the something. And yes they do have evil there as well. Now I have taken my uncles place and go to some of these place to stand for him and try to Carry his word to these people.

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May need some help

Hello everyone this will be my first post on this board,

I found this site via a google search because of an issue I have been having my entire life and it’s not reached my peak of interest.
First and foremost I more often than not feel as though I can feel when something is present. I say something because I honestly don’t know if its a ghost (sure feels that way) but it could be anything else like I said I really don’t know.

I get this feeling at different places, in old houses or abandoned areas etc. I have gotten this in my house when I was younger, I can recall specific times actually SEEING a spirit or something in my room. It ran on my walls, from one end of the room to the other and when it got to my bed which was against the final wall, it disappeared. I also remember one thing I can’t really place. I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a blob on my floor that was glowing green. I know this sounds corny but that was YEARS ago, and it still sticks with me in my mind so I feel it has to have some meaning. Either way I got out of bed to check it out, I ran my hand across where it was and only felt the carpet. At this point I was getting chills. I got up and turned on the light in my room, and the green disappeared, when I turned the light back off it re appeared. I decided it was nothing and just went back to bed and fell asleep, which thinking back isn’t like me back then I’m surprised I wasn’t getting creeped out more than I was. The first thing comes that comes to mind is that I spilled some sort of glow in the dark material there, and I even looked around my room for what could have spilled or if I had one of those glow in the dark hot wheels tracks around it and I couldn’t find anything (this was many years ago, I’m a senior now and 18, I must have been in my single digits when this happened, no I don’t still have the glow in the dark hot wheels track lol).

I also get different feelings around my body if I think about it but that can be a whole different topic and doesn’t fit with what I’m trying to get at here. What I made the post for is that I get these feelings that my house still has something in it. I asked both my parents, from what I understand it isn’t an old house and no one has died inside of it. My mom is a pharmacist and travels to hospitals and other places and one of her co-workers is a white witch. She asked her co-worker if there was anything that I could do to remove what was inside the house. I can’t remember the first thing she had me do, but it didn’t work. The second thing was to burn white sage and walk clockwise in each room starting at the back of the house saying that the ghost/spirit/whatever isn’t welcome here. That also didn’t work. She says that because that didn’t work then whatever I’m feeling might be attached to me, which makes more since seeing as the house doesn’t have any evidence against it that would make it obvious a ghost is here.

Oh let me share a quick story about how my male shepherd has been acting just recently. There have been three separate times now that both my dad and I have witnessed once by ourselves and the third time both of us saw it together. Sometimes yuri (the dog) will yelp and jump and in mid-air do a 180 and look behind him as if something has pulled his tail or something. His ears go down and the hair on the back of his neck stands up and he puts his head really low. Every time this happens it has been at the bottom of the steps on our ground floor, and he will walk by there slowly with the aforementioned body reactions, or avoid it completely and stare at it for a few hours. At this point I think it would be good to mention I get the MAJORITY of my feeling in my particular house, coming from upstairs towards the back of the house, and on a less common occasion feel it downstairs, but that’s a little more rare.

What I’m wondering is does anyone know how to confirm something here other than my feeling/intuition, and do you know how I can possibly get it to present itself without the use of one of those boards, forgive me I’m having a brain fart and am too involved in writing this to look it up, ouji? however its spelled. Is there a way to get whats here to show or communicate with me or is that dangerous? Are there any suggestions on how to deal with this if there is something here, or worse if I somehow got it from somewhere else and its attached to me like my moms co-worker may think?

Thank you in advanced and I apologize if this is a little lengthy.

Oh and sorry if this is in the wrong section I saw three that this could have gone in so if a mod feels it should be moved then please go ahead.
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