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Development Circles

Psychic development circles are aimed at people who would like to explore spiritualism and develop their potential abilities. They usually consist of one or two experienced psychics / mediums along with a group of like minded individuals who meet to discuss different aspects of spiritualism, mediumship, meditation and healing. You will also have the opportunity to explore and develop your own psychic abilities. These groups are split into 3 types.

Beginner: An introductory circle aimed at those new to spiritualism.
Intermediate: Smaller group for those wanting to expand their knowledge and abilities.
Advanced: Closed group with structured progress towards working with the public.

The following list is a small sample of forthcoming development circles in the UK offered by various groups which may be organised on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or occassional basis that may not be reflected in these or on the more extensive event listings page. Please visit their websites for full details.

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