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Psychic Scam Video

Unfortunately there will always be fakers and scam artists, regardless of profession. Nor is it possible for a psychic or spiritual medium to guarantee results.

A reading is, after all, merely guidance as to what may happen if the enquirer stays on the path they are on at the time of the reading. Nor can any medium ‘call’ a spirit to them, a loved one or spirit guide must want and be available to communicate with you.

There are various types of people who practice one or more forms of parapsychology, some study to become theoretical or practitioners in a particular field. Some seek the limelight, some charge, others do not. There are recognised societies, groups and organisations where anyone is welcome to attend, usually for a fee, plus psychic, healing and spiritual fairs which are often free admission.

The magicians James Randi, Penn and Teller, enjoy debunking ESP, paranormal and psychic abilities, as do some comedians and other skeptics. The following videos are just a few instances from the other side of the coin. As with any profession, interest or hobby, do NOT part with your money until you have done a lot of research and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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