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Investigation of the Grove Park Inn

On April 14th 2013, The Southeastern Paranormal Society spent the night in The Grove Park Inn, in room 545 that is supposed to be haunted by The Pink Lady. We set up several DVR cameras took numerous EVPs and photos. Here is what we caught so far.

http://www.separanormal.com/grove park inn.htm

Thoughts of a Kindle Paranormal Book Author

I am really enjoying writing about ghosts and the paranormal, and after publishing my first few True Ghost Stories books on Amazon Kindle last year, I have really been bitten by the publishing bug, and plan to publish more books on Amazon in the near future.

I love doing the research for each new book too, as you can come across some real fascinating – and often quite scary – cases. It is amazing how, for instances, true life cases of poltergeist activity date back many centuries. Cases like, for example, The Demon Drummer of Tedworth and The BAD_WORD Lane Ghost still continue to fascinate people right to this day, and such cases would make some real good material for any writers or producers seeking new sources for fright films.

I would be very interested in hearing from other writers or webmasters who have made the paranormal their main pursuit. Perhaps we could exchange stories, ideas, links etc. I never ever get tired of talking about true life hauntings, so please feel free to contact me any time.

It’s a great site. Keep up the good work.

Webmaster and Author

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How to see Ghosts

One Method to see ghost I’ve read of is:

How to see Ghosts

Everyone’s brain focuses on images received by the eye. Normally all of our attention is given to the object at which we are directly looking. With practice it is possible to concentrate on images that are coming in from the corner of ones eyes. To develop this skill try walking along a road gazing at a distant object straight ahead. Then without moving your eyes from that object try to concentrate on images coming in from your peripheral vision. I was very surprised to discover what you can learn from objects that your not actually looking at. It’s amazing how your mind tunes out the object at which your eyes are directed and tunes into details from objects elsewhere.
This is one technique that can be used to see ghosts.

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