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Trance Mediums and Spirit Guides

There are different types of psychic or spiritual medium who may display various abilities that may be used in front of an audience in a public setting like clairvoyance or offered in a private setting to provide a more personal reading.

Made me wonder….

I won’t bore you all with the long story but the short if it is that several years ago I began looking into the idea of spirit guides. When I started reading up on it and looking more and more into it, for some reason I kept getting this name Jacob that seemed to resonate in my head for no reason that I could place. After not coming to any conclusion one way or another on the topic I ceased my studying but didn’t forget the name Jacob. I should also add that I never spoke to a single living soul about the name Jacob.

Today, while at work, I was talking with a guy who is very much into Wicca and just general spiritualism. He began to tell me that I am protected by 6 spirit guides and then asked me if the name Jacob meant anything to me, as he is one of the guides. I was pretty shocked, and I am not one to shock easy, but I am curious what if any means others have used to get more in tune with spirit guides.
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Should Psychics Face Tougher Controls? By ES-

I’m appauled by Jan’s statement, please show some respect. why do skeptics always compare mediums and psychics to frikkin paedos? TWO VERY DIFFERENT things

Personally I have never charged nor will ever charge for my services, I believe anyone who wants these services and needs help should be able to get it for free, so this law will not affect me but this is very worrying for spiritualists, why should we have to say we don’t beleive in what were doing, why should we have to be forced to say this, are christians forced to say “god may not be real so please don’t sue us if he’s not?” NO, spiritualism is a religion.

The govt really haven’t thought things through, AS USUAL, this has left the industry wide open for skeptics to bring malicious cases forward. We get no protection from this other than if we prove ourselves, which may not be so easy for some ‘genuine’ psychics.

Think about it this way, when you apply for a job or go for an audition, you get nervous as hell dont you? and nerves often get the better of people in these situations, it’s exactly the same for psychics fear, worry and all of those things can have an affect on our abilities exactly the same way it would affect your voice if you were nervous at an audition. What would happen if a malicious case came up against a ‘genuine’ psychic and they couldn’t prove themselves because they were nervous, scared or worried, an innocent person could end up being prosecuted.

It’s not fair, the law should protect BOTH clients and readers but from what I see this is very one-sided and a chance for skeptics to make a mockery of a thriving industry with many genuine psychics and mediums who do a lot of good for this world, yes there are lots of frauds and they should be prosecuted, there will be frauds in EVERY single industry there is, the psychic industry is VERY different and needs it’s OWN set of laws, you just cant standardise something like this, you have to take the nature of the industry into consideration.

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