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Trance Mediums and Spirit Guides

There are different types of psychic or spiritual medium who may display various abilities that may be used in front of an audience in a public setting like clairvoyance or offered in a private setting to provide a more personal reading.

Another ability which is usually reserved for small groups or individuals is Trance Mediumship. This is where the spirit guide moves close to the medium (often referred to as an ‘instrument’) who enters a trance or semi-sleep like state to enable their spirit guide to talk directly through them.

Trance mediums or channellers usually remain awake and aware of the proceedings but in some cases, will sink far enough into their own mind to be unaware of anything other than the knowledge that their spirit guide is using their voice to communicate with the psychic circle or questioner.

Some spirit guides like Silver Birch have become well known in their own right for the words of wisdom and advice recorded by those present and passed on to the world through recordings and publications.

Sample of Standswithbear’s Channeling from his Tibetan Master Guide, Mai Ling

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