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Ghost Mine

This is a newer show on Sy Fy Channel. I just caught up with it last week, and it’s an interesting premise.
Read more about it, and watch full episodes here;
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Zak Bagans and a human skull in the house

‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Violent Human-Skull Ghost Is Haunting My House

Never bring your work home with you — especially if your job involves ghost-hunting and human skulls — because you could end up with one BAD_WORD-off spirit haunting your house … and pushing your friends down stairs.

“Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans tells TMZ, the supernatural encounters began after he found a human skull during an investigation last month at an old mining town hotel — and genius actually decided to bring the remains home with him.

Zak — who built a display for the skull in the basement of his Las Vegas home — tells us, he noticed a huge surge in paranormal activity almost instantly … an angry, demonic-type presence that had never been in his house before.

On one night, Zak tells us, he was woken up by a slight pressure on his ankles — what felt like hands grabbing him — and all of a sudden, the force yanked him several inches down in his bed.

Days later, Zak says he had a girl over at his house — and out of nowhere, she spilled head over heels down his stairs … insisting someone … or something … had pushed her.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — and Zak tells us, he’s so terrified … he hired a local bishop to perform an exorcism at his house in the next two weeks

Zak adds, “I love my job, but i want to feel safe in my house. I don’t feel safe.” Word to the wise — don’t jack human skulls and bring them into your house.

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Nocturnal Frequency Radio

Nocturnal Frequency has been around for years but in the last years it’s jumped up to the top five paranormal radio blogs. I’ve been interviewed on it and Coast to Coast a fair amount but recently they did a special on “Beyond” that generated a huge amount of mail with really great questions. Alannah Myles (Black Velvet) who was the host on “Beyond” seasons three and four also called in and talked about some of the things that drew her to do the series.

This is the link for the archive – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nocturnal_frequency/2012/06/05/beyond-the-tv-series-bonus-show

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