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Zak Bagans and a human skull in the house

‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Violent Human-Skull Ghost Is Haunting My House

Never bring your work home with you — especially if your job involves ghost-hunting and human skulls — because you could end up with one BAD_WORD-off spirit haunting your house … and pushing your friends down stairs.

“Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans tells TMZ, the supernatural encounters began after he found a human skull during an investigation last month at an old mining town hotel — and genius actually decided to bring the remains home with him.

Zak — who built a display for the skull in the basement of his Las Vegas home — tells us, he noticed a huge surge in paranormal activity almost instantly … an angry, demonic-type presence that had never been in his house before.

On one night, Zak tells us, he was woken up by a slight pressure on his ankles — what felt like hands grabbing him — and all of a sudden, the force yanked him several inches down in his bed.

Days later, Zak says he had a girl over at his house — and out of nowhere, she spilled head over heels down his stairs … insisting someone … or something … had pushed her.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — and Zak tells us, he’s so terrified … he hired a local bishop to perform an exorcism at his house in the next two weeks

Zak adds, “I love my job, but i want to feel safe in my house. I don’t feel safe.” Word to the wise — don’t jack human skulls and bring them into your house.


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