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Archaeology Video

Archaeology is the term used to describe the study of the past through research, discovery and analysis of architecture and artifacts that have been left behind.

Whilst this is not a psychic ability, it is a fascinating subject which helps us to understand various cultures of our ancestors. Learning about our human prehistory, how our ancestors lived, their beliefs and interactions between societies provides us with a greater understanding of their civilizations. For many years it was thought that our ancestors were primitive, but there are many mysteries surrounding some of the artifacts and buildings they created. For example, how did they move giant stones from miles away to create structures like Stonehenge?

We are spoiled for choice with technology today, but it was our ancestors who discovered and recorded many of the things we take for granted like astronomy, astrology, writing, reading, philosopy, architecture and arithmetic on which our societies and belief systems are based. The following videos include documentaries and discoveries from ancient civilizations.

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