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Dowsing Video

Dowsing is the ability to find hidden things with the aid of simple tools like a V rod or pendulum, either on site or from a distance. In some cultures, this ability is considered to be a form of divination, however, most people can learn how to dowse.

Long before technology was developed, people used dowsing to find water, mineral veins, archaeological remains, oil and many other things. Even today, there are dowsers who specialize in finding water or oil that are employed by corporate bodies and dowsing is even used in the military!

The tools of the trade have not changed much:
Angle Rods: are L shaped with the short end held in the hand while the long section is held parallel to each other and to the ground, when the target is found the rods will cross each other indicating the spot.

Dowsing Rod: (also referred to as a V rod) can be a simple Y shaped branch, Hazel, Witch Hazel, Willow and Peach trees are often favoured, but anything Y shaped and springy will do, including metal, plastic, cane or wood and each dowser has their own preference. The two ends of the Y are held lightly in each hand with the joining point pointing upwards or parallel to the ground. When what you are searching for is found, the rod point will point towards the item.

Pendulum: A crystal or other teardrop shaped item that is connected to a piece of twine with the pointed end at the bottom. This reacts in different ways, oscillating, turning clockwise or anti-clockwise, moving back and forth or side to side depending on what the user is asking or searching for. They are often used in distant dowsing in conjunction with maps or charts.

Wand: a single long angle rod which is held in the hand that reacts with circular or oscillating movement when the target is found.

Sceptics and critics state that the rods are manipulated by the dowser, however, dowsing only works with accuracy, when the user does not attempt to direct the implements in any way other than to think or ask them for guidance in finding what the questioner wants to find. Some L rods are now designed with circular handles in which the short part of the rod can move independently of the person holding them.

There are many books, courses and workshops on dowsing, but the easiest way is to go out and try it for yourself! Start with something simple, like water or metal dowsing in your garden or local area. Use a simple V rod (even a bent coat hanger or Y shaped branch will do to start), think or verbalise what you want to find (water pipe in the garden, underground stream or metal object i.e., coin), then start to walk slowly across the area. If the rod pulls towards a particular location, you may have found your object! Newcomers who start dowsing are often surprised at how strong the pull of the rod can be towards the object they seek. Obviously, this takes time and lots of practice to become proficient!

The following are a collection of educational, instructional and informative videos on dowsing that have been provided by various people at YouTube. To view more, visit our channel and subscribe to the video providers channel for updates.

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