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Trance Mediums and Spirit Guides

There are different types of psychic or spiritual medium who may display various abilities that may be used in front of an audience in a public setting like clairvoyance or offered in a private setting to provide a more personal reading.

Angel Video

Angels or Divine Beings have been referenced in the Bible and other religious texts but do they really exist and if so, what are they? (more…)

Am I The Only One?

I have gone to many places and people, to try to find out what he is, or if I’m the only one who has ever seen him. I only know of one other person in the whole world so far who has seen him, but that’s not enough, I want to know that someone else believes in this. He is not an angel, he is not a demon…I’m not sure what he is exactly, but I know he is not bad. He is my guardian, my friend, and my teacher of sorts.

His name is Ramel (Pronunciation: Rah- Like the Egyptian god, mell- Like marsh-mell-ow). It wasn’t until four years ago that I learned his name, and stopped fearing him. At first, when he would come to me, I would be terrified. I wasn’t able to move, or speak, I would usually panic. Since he would always come to me at night, when I was in bed, I first though that it was just sleep paralysis. I now know that this wasn’t the case. One night, during a very bad time in my life, he came to me and finally allowed me to see him. He was beside my bed, only about 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall.He has a pure white face, shaped sort of like a triangle, like a mask, black shiny eyes, and a small mouth with little pointy teeth. His neck and body are pitch black and without much shape.

He was smiling at me, in an almost playful way, but at this time I still did not know who or what he was. A year later, after seeing him many more times, I found a friend who had seen him, too. He told me his name, and it just made sense, I knew that this name was correct. He told me that this was my guardian, and that he did not mean to frighten me. He had me sit and think about what had happened all the times he’d come to me. When he came I could not move : If I had run, I’d never have had the chance to understand. He always came before something bad was going to happen, usually a death. I figured this out by tracking the dates that he’d visited me, and found that they all lined up with either a death in my family, or times when my father had molested me. I found that he even came when a close friend would have a loss in their family, or when they were in trouble.

Once I had figured all this out, I was then able to control myslef again when he came. I would wake, with him “pinning” me, then he would let me go. After he’d come each time, I’d know that something was going to happen. Without fail, every single time, something has happened, as I said before, usually a death. One recent death was in May, my ex boyfriend’s uncle died the night Ramel came to me. Another was just in January, my uncle’s girlfriend lost her aunt.

Besides coming as a warning, he has also come as protection. I lived in an apartment with a powerful negative entity that tried to hurt me. Ramel stepped in when I called for him, told me not to be afraid, and then took this entity on himself. He was weak after that and I didn’t see him for a while, but he came back and is ok now. He also goes with me when I walk late at night, and keeps me from going into dangerous places.

I know this has been a long post, and there are a number of events that I haven’t listed. I’m not looking for people to tell me I’m crazy, I just want to know if anyone else has seen Ramel, or someone like him. If you have any questions, or maybe some answers, you can send them to Put “spirit man” in the subject bar so I don’t dismiss it as spam.

Thank You, Kat.
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