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Angels. Spiritual Mystery. Do they Exist?

Angels. Spiritual Mystery. Do they Exist? by Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Many persons have wondered if angels truly exist and which is their nature. We will try now, to understand this topic. The best known and evident foundation, of course, is that the angel is a messenger of God, who comes to fulfill an specific work; and who has the capacity and power to do it. We can say that many persons have experienced angelical interventions in their lives and that is the reason that we are going to understand somewhat what this means and also how is an angel, about his feelings, temperament and motivation.

The angel, by conviction, is an example of the most tender and careful love that God profess to his creatures. And that is the reason that the angel has an spiritual value, which is in turn, his strength. Every angel has a moral and ethical principle ingrained and he is full of wisdom, because he naturally knows what is the fear of God, and this does not mean fear, but the understanding of the consequences that come when separating from God. Thus, the angel has in himself the dynamic and he is in the fundamental principle of the will of God and how this will must be applied.

The angels live in the law of God but in its most perfect and purest manifestation. By example, every angel is the guardian of faith. And how is this? It is through the transmission of different devotions to the virtues of the spirit. This is transmitted through his spiritual power given by God and transmitted by him to hundreds of persons, who seek the real understanding of faith. Thus, he transmits an special grace to the sincere students and to the persons who practice the spiritual truth, who little by little, will enter the revelation of the spiritual mysteries.

By example: The person begins to discover an spiritual mystery by its components; such as: About faith: Mercy is necessarily represented in faith. Surrender is necessarily represented in faith. Devotion and spiritual study are represented in faith and they are strengthened in service and prayer. The angel is then, the tender and dedicated divine wisdom who gives orientation to the heart and warns about the dangers of temptation. The angel lives, of course, in a different reality than man’s reality; his time and space and the purpose of life are different than the ones of man. That is why, the angel possess patience and understanding but he never permits the error, he warns, points and condemns it, but certainly in a constructive way, that also permits man to have a consideration of his true spiritual state.

The angel is an spiritual companion for the spiritual devotee, not because he does the work for him but because by virtue of prayer, he plants sparkles of spiritual light in the heart and thought, that permits man, to improve his reflections, his heart and his service. Something very important and necessary to point out is that the angel contributes strength and spiritual happiness, when man is going through difficult and constructive processes, then, the angel knows how to give man that little impulse that permits the equilibrium, and man feels the advice in his heart. It is necessary to say that the divine messenger or angel, acts like the one who sows. And then is up to man, to care, protect and use that information as protection; in other words, the angel gives the example, shows the way and gives the warning, he tells man about his alternatives, which the person will begin to discover in his inner world.

The angel is a giver and benefactor, who pours spiritual jewels but very few can see this, not because they do not want to, but to see the work of the spirit, requires purity of heart. We find in the angel, loyalty, ethics, morality, compassion, wisdom, love and spiritual dignity. But, let’s point out that the angel is a different species than man; and we could think that the angel by not being held to the pressure and to the material existence or to its seduction.

We could say that the ethics of the angel is not as complex, because he is so pure that he is not subject to any temptation; but the angel does know the dynamics of the world. His natural habitat is the spiritual state, called heaven. The angel comes to earth to be of service to the spiritual will, who justly takes care of man in the form of warnings and inspirational science. The angel is present in the moments of the greatest consecration of Love, in the moments of fragility, even of pain, because he knows man, he loves him and he has the function of being a beacon of light in the life of the spiritual seeker.

Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell is a well known international lecturer, spiritual teacher and healer; poet and author of innumerable writings related to Self Knowledge, Healing, Art for Good Health, Meditation and Spiritual Science, are some of his topics. He is also an accomplished artist with great knowledge of the ancient science of techniques and designs of Sacred Geometry, Ancient Symbols and Healing Energy

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