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Development Circles

Psychic development circles are aimed at people who would like to explore spiritualism and develop their potential abilities. They usually consist of one or two experienced psychics / mediums along with a group of like minded individuals who meet to discuss different aspects of spiritualism, mediumship, meditation and healing. You will also have the opportunity to explore and develop your own psychic abilities. These groups are split into 3 types.


Alternative and Complimentary Treatment

In the western world we have become used to visiting a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of our ailments, in other cultures people have other methods of healing. These are referred to as Alternative or Complimentary medicines or treatments although to the country and people who invented and use them on a regular basis, they are considered mainstream.

Many of these treatments and potions that were common in times before doctors and chemical pills have been proven over time or evolved and become popular again like acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage and reflexology which may be offered alongside or instead of more traditional forms of treatment. These may be referred to as Complimentary Medicines or Therapies as until recently some medical practitioners were able to prescribe or suggest these treatments on the NHS.

Some of these treatments like herbal medicine and homeopathy have been critisized by the mainstream medical profession as having no evidence that they work and due to austerity measures and lack of funding are due to be banned from being offered to patients.

Alternative treatments range from aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese, healing, quantum touch, reiki, sound healing to name a few, which whilst most may be used alongside modern medication, without adverse reactions, are rarely recognized or prescribed by medical practitioners and are not available on the NHS.

There are also many more controversial medicines and therapies that whilst still used/practiced in other countries, are rejected by the majority and in some countries banned like the use of rhino horn which is the cause of many species becoming endangered due to poachers.

The reality is that what works for some, will not work for others, even traditional treatments can fail to produce the expected results and in some cases, it is better to use tried and tested alternatives for minor ailments like rest combined with hot lemon and honey for a cold or aloe vera for a bruise that to waste the GP’s time.

There are long running debates on the validity of alternative and complementary medicines which is understandable when the patient has a serious illness requiring medical or surgical treatment, but when you realise that some chemical tablets prescribed by the pharma industry started out as ordinary plants, friendly bacteria or mould (like penicillin) and that new medications are being discovered, distilled and tested (like CBD Oil or Cannabis Oil) for the successful treatment of some cancers and use in pain relief then it is hardly surprising that people turn to alternative treatments.

As well as the videos provided here, take time to read the posts or watch the health related videos available and always check with your doctor before trying any alternative medicine or treatment, especially if you have known allergies or are taking standard medication as some herbal and Chinese medicines may cause an adverse reaction when taken in combination with tablets.

Acupressure Video

Accupressure is a form of alternative therapy that has been used in the orient for centuries and is one of many that are available in the western world.