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Divination Video

Divination or for-seeing is the attempt to interpret signs and portents to gain insight into an issue or situation. Often referred to as fortune telling, divination was used by seers and oracles in ancient times.

There are many different forms of divination employed by a variety of cultures which include, but are not limited, to runes, tarot, cartomancy, scrying, pendulum, phrenology, palm reading, I Ching, astrology, numerology ….

Most of these forms share a commonality, in that the aim is to get the reader to focus on the issue to receive an answer. In some cultures, medicinal herbs were used to encourage visions or dream states, whereas others rely on the turn of a card. The use of divination goes back through history, from the Vikings who used runes, pagans who used water or flame for scrying. These are old traditions that were used in their daily lives.

Nowadays, these forms of divination are often ridiculed by skeptics, and abused by fake fortune tellers, however, they can often provide the reader with answers that they were too clouded to see before. The act of focusing the mind to gain inspiration and answers to something that has puzzled the enquirer, can often be enough to gain a response. Whether the response comes from you, the reader or from a divine place may never be established, but it is certain that learning about things that have become part of our cultural heritage, enable us as humans to open our minds to whatever may be possible.

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