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Geomancy Video

Geomancy or science of the sand, uses signs and markings on the ground or patterns created by tossing handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand to interpret the subtle energies of the earth.

The practice was commonplace in Europe, Africa, Greece and the Middle East, used by people from all classes until the 17th century when it fell out of favour, and during the Renaissance, it was considered one of the forbidden 7 arts along with necromancy, hydromancy, aeromancy, pyromancy, chiromancy (palmistry), and spatulamancy (scapulimancy).

A renewed interest in the Occult during the 19th century is credited to the works of Robert Thomas Cross and Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Franz Hartmann and Aleister Crowley whose published texts included knowledge of geomancy and other forms of divination.

Geomantic instrument Egypt or Syria 1241-1242 CE Muhammad ibn Khutlukh al Mawsuli
Geomantic instrument from Egypt or Syria 1241-1242 CE Muhammad ibn Khutlukh al Mawsuli. When turning the dials, random designs of dots would appear, which were then interpreted. The instrument can be see on display at the British Museum. Image courtesy of Wikipedia – Creative Commons Licence

The practice of geomancy, is found in various forms, sharing similarities with the I Ching, Feng Shui and Kamalak, but as with many ancient forms of divination, the term is often used now to cover any earth related practice, including ley lines building biology (baubiologie) and earth mysteries.

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