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Mystery of Cincinatti Sea Beast Deepens

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The discovery of a very large, very mysterious fossil by an amateur paleontologist has left researchers baffled.

Is it animal, vegetable or mineral — or something else entirely?

The collective brainpower of several dozen scientists was unable to unravel the mystery of a strange beast nearly half a billion years old, tentatively nicknamed “Godzillus.”

Ron Fine, an amateur paleontologist from Dayton, Ohio, hoped the supersmart group of scientists at a regional meeting of the Geological Society of America could help explain the baffling find he made recently: the fossil of a very large, very mysterious “monster” that lived near Cincinnati 450 million years ago.

Unfortunately, the sea beast of Cincinnati had them scratching their heads, too.

“Everybody else was just as puzzled as we are — and personally, I think that’s pretty awesome,” Fine told FoxNews.com.

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