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please check out our new paranormal TV show

Last July, our group Midwest Preternatural Research was contacted by Curt Strutz about being involved in this new paranormal TV show called “Paranormal Generation”. The show airs on Illinois’ ARTV channel, and can also be viewed online. We’ve filmed six episodes so far, and we’ve aired two. “The purpose of “Paranormal Generation” is to create a television/web based media program that takes a realistic & scientific look into the paranormal. Our goal is to create a 100% true to life paranormal investigation program free from Hollywood tricks, imagery, or special effects – and to provide the public with this unique experience through TV and Internet.

Under NO circumstances will artificial evidence footage ever be used in the making of this program – 100% genuine, no questions asked. This show will be as close to a genuine paranormal investigation as one can get.

The show will have a more scientific/historical angle than many of the ghost hunting shows currently running. No cheap thrills, no screaming every time the floor creaks, no “summoning spirits,” no relying on psychics, no crying orbs every time a speck of dust floats past the lens.

Personal experiences are wonderful but inconclusive. Evidence must be recorded on a device of some sort. Paranormal Generation will take on locations and cases and do an entertaining and honest investigation. We will go over specific tools used by investigators, explain the common beliefs of the paranormal, as well as tell about often mistaken evidence captured in traditional investigations by both professional and amateur investigators.”

You can watch the episodes online at www.youtube.com/paranormalgeneration.

Watch Episodes 1 and 2 of Paranormal Generation, the investigation at the Kewaunee Inn.

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