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Prophecy is a message sent by a divine being to an individual who may sometimes share it with others as a warning about possible future events. In the Bible, a notable prophecy that was not meant to be shared to the general populace was sent to Noah who was instructed to build an arc (boat) to survive the forthcoming flood.

Whilst these are most commonly acknowledged in religious texts to be sent to Prophets or Seers, these messages or premonitions of the future are often somewhat obscure or general in nature, requiring interpretation. Some prophecies have been handed down verbally through stories like the Hopi and Onandaga Prophecies, whilst others were written in long forgotten languages like the Mayan Calendar which was thought to predict the end of the world in 2012, but was actually misinterpreted as the end of the calendar which then restarted at the beginning, just as our annual calendar does today.

Prophecies appear in a wide variety of cults and religions including Abrahamic, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i and Mormonism to name a few, some linked to clairvoyants as well as prophets, but, as with premonitions, have also been recorded by notable individuals and scholars including Nostradamus and Edgar Caycee.

These prophecies invariably include an underlying message that if the human race fails to change it’s ways, these are the events that will happen in our future. In some cases, it does not take a prophet to predict these events, as anyone with common sense could see the logical path of cause and effect, however, despite both prophecies and logic warning us that humans should take more care of our communities and the world around us, we appear to be on a downward path rather than one of enlightenment and understanding.

I am sure that the majority reading and viewing the following video’s hope that the more alarming will not occur and that we will find a solution to the worlds issues before we ruin what is and was always meant to be a place of beauty and wonderment.

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