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Questioning Faith Healing

The man who lay on the table wore no shirt and while there was no visible incision on his stomach, there was blood. Standing over him was a man who claimed he could remove the tumour and had set about doing so.

A shocked woman watched as the psychic surgeon seemingly reached into her husband’s torso and pulled out a twisted piece of flesh, tossing it to the ground. A sponge was produced and the blood was wiped away, once more showing no cuts on the patient’s flesh, evidence, some would say, of a successful Faith Healing.


Psychic Surgery

by Tom Valentine [Henry Regnery Company]
Price: £9.49 - - -

The Gift: Psychic Surgery in the Philippines

by Gail Thackray [Indian Springs Publishing]
Price: - - - -

Lightbody Activation and Psychic Surgery

by Lance Carter [LightCorps]
Price: £11.54 - - -

by - [-]
Price: - - - -

by - [-]
Price: - - - -

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