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Development Circles

Psychic development circles are aimed at people who would like to explore spiritualism and develop their potential abilities. They usually consist of one or two experienced psychics / mediums along with a group of like minded individuals who meet to discuss different aspects of spiritualism, mediumship, meditation and healing. You will also have the opportunity to explore and develop your own psychic abilities. These groups are split into 3 types.


Religion Video

Religion is a collection of beliefs, usually including a set of moral codes, devotional or ritual observances that relate humanity to the spiritual.

Psychic Spoof Video

Being a spiritualist or psychic does not mean taking everything seriously! A little light relief is always welcome and plenty of comedians and pranksters find the subject/s of anything psychic or other wordly related an easy target for getting laughs. Thankfully, there are some very talented and funny people in our world who have created spoofs on paranormal, spiritual and psychic abilities. Laughter is the best medicine after all ….