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Can Rituals Add Power ?

I do not practice any religion but have a variety of spiritual beliefs I pull from. I do not pray or preform any rituals in my daily life but have wondered if they could concentrate powers or strengthen abilities. I some times do a form of self hypnosis to help my concentration and perhaps that is a form of ritual to some people but it seems to me a ritual goes beyond ones self. My sister who is a strict Baptist is very clear that the power of prayer and communion are necessary for her spiritual well being. For Wiccans or Druids do feel they must preform rituals for success or is the thought or intent enough? Why does burning incense or candles of a specific colours increase the strength of the intent more then just personal will?

I don’t intend to argue anyones point. I really am interested. Also in paranormal investigation do you use ritual? Please share.

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Concerned about presenting evidence..

I’m a bit new at this, I would really appreciate your thoughts about the evidence I’m prepared to present.

I have reviewed the evidence from the investigation we did last weekend. Caught one extraordinary EVP. An RF detector I was using was drifting. I was asked about it, and commented that the device was drifting. Then I went to zero the device. I had video running on the detectors. The video was from a small panasonic LX7. The LX7 is pointed right at a bunch of detectors, the idea being that if anything happened with the detectors, the LX7 would capture the activity on video. Of more importance was the two digital stereo channels of audio the LX7 uses. While I was bent over the detectors (they were just above the floor) a really tremendous EVP was captured. 2.2 seconds of outstanding EVP audio. I was right there at the time (my hands were visible zeroing a detector), the camera (with it’s audio) was about a foot away from me.

This audio was so good I took a good, hard look at it.

Five channels of audio in the room (two channels, EOS 7D, two channels, Panasonic LX7, one channel analog audio) EVP only captured on the LX7. Difference in amplitude, L/R channels -6dB
Log spectrum plot, audio peaks at 4.5kHz
Frequency rolloff, beyond recorder passband
Ambient noise, room sound, less -24dB, 168Hz peak

The spectral plot looked unlike a male voice. Male voices don’t usually peak at 4500 Hz. Analysis of a portion of the spectral plot look like AM radio. There was a 14Hz “carrier” with the “sidebands” being modulated. Spectral plots of identifiable voices in the room looked as they should. No “subcarriers”, no “sidebands”, peaks around 800 – 1000Hz.

The EVP voice was almost 30% slower than normal conversational speech. When I sped up the audio to 125%, and compensated for the change in pitch, what I heard sounded close to what a normal male voice would sound like.

I put myself through all this because the EVP is so extraordinary that I figured there had to be a logical explanation for it. I just can’t find one. Call it beginners luck. I plan on presenting this evidence.

Here’s where I struggle. My partner (my darling wife) asked a question; “Is there anyone here other than Mararet?”. After the question was asked, a (soft) “Yeah” was captured. Analysis of the “Yeah” makes me comfortable presenting it as evidence. Here’s the thing. Once the EVP was ready (noise reduction, 170Hz notch, parametric EQ favoring 4kHz) I played the audio to my wife. She heard the EVP. So far, so good..

Following the “Yeah” (actually, on top of the ending of the word “Yeah”), a male voice was heard saying “Oh Sh!t”. I dismissed this as someone in the room (when people on my team make a sound, they identify it at the time. Nobody on my team said anything), that “Oh Sh!t” was wickidly loud. My wife said she thought that phrase sounded like an EVP. (If it is an EVP, I have something extraordinary here) I looked at the spectral plot of that “Oh Sh!t”, and it looked *almost* like normal conversational speech. My wife swears nobody in the room with us said that, she so wants this to be a part of this EVP evidence.

My feeling is that if something seems too good to be true…

What I plan on doing is presenting the entire audio clip to my clients. I’ll point out the “Yeah”, if they don’t hear it, I’ll loop it a few times and see if they hear it. Then, I’ll bring up the “Oh Sh!t” and ask them if it’s a voice (human or otherwise) that they have heard before. If there is a possibility that I have something here I would hate to throw it away.

So what would a more experienced investigator do? Chuck the “Oh Sh!t”?

On a sidenote, my clients believe and embrace the notion of spiritual activity in their home. They both claimed personal experiences (voices, objects moved, partial apparition). They’re far from skeptical, they *want* to believe that something’s going on. Because of this, I was extra careful. I took a good set of baseline audio, video, photographs, and environmental readings. Despite the fact that I was as skeptical as I could possibly be, in the short time we were there (3 hours) we did catch two good EVP’s and one extraordinary EVP (if I could embed the EVP in this post, I would). I hate to admit it, but my clients may be on to something. To date, the evidence I have gathered has been sparse, and quite subtle. This investigation really blew my mind.

I would really appreciate your thoughts.

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What Lies Beyond


About Chris

R.I.P. is the brainchild of Chris Matheny, Co-Founder & Chief Investigator for this organization. Chris has been haunted since he was five years old and has discovered his psychic and empathic abilities. These both motivated him to pursue his lifelong quest to find answers to some of the most perplexing phenomenon.

This motivation has evolved into the upcoming webshow, “What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth.” The show’s primary purpose is to research and explore all aspects of the paranormal and supernatural in an effort to finding the truth behind them. This will include topics such as: ghosts/spirits, shadow people, disembodied voices/sounds, EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), aparitions, psychic abilities, past lives, spirit guides/animals, possession, channeling, aports, remote sensing, spiritual cleansing, God, Satan/Devil, angels, demons, Bigfoot/Yeti, Aliens, River Monsters, etc. Watch for updates soon!

Chris’ extensive knowledge in paranormal/spiritual phenomenon, the occult, cults, myths, legends, history & scientific facts give him a great arsenal of tools to utilize during investigations. As a mimic, Chris has trained his “ears” to hear even small variations of sound inflections, which is a major asset while listening to EVPs. His gregarious and entertaining personality combine perfectly with his writing abilities to successfully host the upcoming paranormal show, “What Lies Beyond?” Don’t miss our production updates for “What Lies Beyond?” through Twitter, Facebook & this blog.

In addition to the show, Chris has been prolific in writing great ghost stories in his blog series, “My Haunted Life.” These popular stories are based on true events from his experiences with the spiritual realm. Don’t miss reading these great stories for yourself.

About Kimberly

R.I.P. Co-Founder & Investigator
Producer, Director & Editor for “What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth.”

Kimberly Brouillette, Co-Founder & Investigator for R.I.P., has joined Chris’ quest for researching the unexplained. Her expertise in Biblical studies, geology, earth & environmental sciences & paranormal phenomenon enable Kimberly to look at things logically and with a scientific understanding.

With over 20 years of experience in writing, editing, graphic design, production, web development,
marketing & advertising, she has the skills required to produce and market this quality show. She has even edited over 25 published books, and was contributing editor for “Abram’s Journey: A Quest for the Man in the Stars,” by Pamilla S. Tolen.

If you have visited one of our blog stories, websites, online apparel store, Facebook pages, Twitter profile, Squidoo Lens or other Internet location, then you have seen Kimberly’s work. The blog, with all of its stories, articles, news updates, testimonials, RIP info & links, was her creation. Please let us know what you think about all of our stories, articles and other info. Find us on Facebook to let us know what you think!

In addition to working on the show and creating all of the R.I.P. & W.L.B sites, Kimberly
writes her own popular blog series, “My Life with Chris.” These real life stories are based on the daily events that take place in her unusual life with Chris Matheny. Don’t miss reading these great stories for yourself.

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