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Indigo Children

Indigo children and adults are individuals who display a high awareness of spirituality and psychic ability. They are said to be the future, bringing more compassion and understanding of positive traits which will aid us in achieving a more balanced world conscience. An Indigo is referred to as such due to the prevalence of the colour Indigo in their aura. Some believe that only a few are born as Indigo, but in fact all beings have the capability if they choose to explore and develop their abilities.

The Children of Now

by Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D. [New Page Books]
Price: £11.99 EUR 13,97 EUR 14,01 EUR 16,53

Care and Feeding of Indigo Children

by Doreen Virtue Ph.D. M.A. B.A. [Hay House]
Price: £14.99 EUR 15,64 EUR 18,18 EUR 17,67

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