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The Paranormal Calender

Life is busy these days, with cell phones, emails, notebooks, sticky notes and every other manner of thing reminding us of things we have to do, people we have to call, errands we have to run, and goals we have to accomplish. What about wonders to witness? For those of you with a bent towards tracking the paranormal, consider keeping a Paranormal Calendar to make sure you don’t miss your chance to see a famous ghost or two.

What is a Paranormal Calendar?
Just what you might suspect, a Paranormal Calendar is a list of reoccurring paranormal events that happen on a routine, and mostly predictable, basis. While ghosts are not known for being the most conscious of time (just ask the victim of a late night pot banging poltergeist who has an early work meeting), there is some precedent for apparitions and hauntings occurring on annual anniversaries.

If you are an amateur ghost hunter you would do well to keep a record of local events, both to visit and to study. Collected below are a couple of events that are well known to occur each month of a year; while some may be beyond your current resources to visit for an up close and personal investigation, you can use the calendar to track the internet for reports of others who have experienced them.

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