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Ghost and Spirit Video

A ghost or spectre is the manifestation of a person or animal that has passed from the physical world.

There are various thoughts on the difference between a ghost and a spirit, mainly that a ghost may be the manifestation of a spirit that has imprinted itself on an area or location i.e., appearing in the same place many times like a vibrational echo from the past referred to as haunting. A spirit is the manifestation of a person who has died who may appear or attempt to communicate after their passing.

Many people state that they have felt the presence of a loved one after their passing and some visit psychics or spiritualist mediums with clairvoyant or clairaudient abilities in an attempt to contact them. Some religious beliefs condemn this practice as an attempt to contact evil spirits, whilst others embrace it as part of their culture. Critics claim that no such thing exists and there are few, if any, images that have been proven ‘genuine’ beyond all reasonable doubt.

Despite this, or perhaps, because of it, television shows who exploit peoples curiosity abound, as do documentaries and interviews on the subject. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, try a Ghost Walk for some fascinating information. The following videos are a selection from youtube ….

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