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What Healers Can Do For You

What Healers Can Do For You by John Culbertson

Kelly had been feeling very tired and weak for the last couple of months. Doctors couldn’t seem to find a thing wrong with her, but she felt as though she was in a dark hole with no way out. When she was around friends all she wanted to do was complain about how awful her life was and when she was alone she constantly felt as though she wanted to break down into tears. On top of all that, nothing seemed to be going right for her. It felt like she had been cursed or as though she was somehow being punished by the universe.

How many people reading this have ever felt this way or at least knew somebody that felt this way? There’s a pretty good chance that many readers can identify with at least some of this story if not all of it. This is, after all, a fairly common occurrence within the world.

Most of the time when a person is feeling this way their aura has been compromised. In other words, it is dirty or has holes in it. Sometimes the chakras are dirty or blocked and at other times the person is just being energetically drained by some type of psychic vampire that is within their environment. In rare cases someone may have actually had a curse placed upon them, but that is indeed the rarest possibility.

When this happens it’s important that a person work to repair the damage which is occurring or which has occurred. Though there are many techniques and ways to go about doing this, perhaps the one that is most often overlooked is that of working with a good, ethical, and competent healer.

In the new age field a healer is a person that has trained or studied the healing arts. There are many different types of healers just like there are many different types of doctors. A healer is in essence a doctor of energy dynamics.

Among the most popular types of healers include those that practice Shamanism, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Quantum Touch.

Shamanism is an ancient practice that has been alive for centuries within many different types of cultures. In fact, it’s rare that a culture doesn’t have a shaman of at least some type, even if they don’t go by that name.

The Shaman is a person that has usually spent years training under another Shaman. Most have knowledge of herbs and medicines, sacred ceremonies and rituals, and words or stories of wisdom. These are woven together to help keep a person’s soul or spirit in balance as well as improve the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of an individual.

Reiki is a form of hands on healing. The idea behind Reiki is that energy comes from the universal energy, enters into the healer’s body, and leaves by the hands of the healer to enter into and work on and with the client. This energy helps to restore lost energy and patch up any holes that may be in the aura. It can also be used to clear chakras.

Sound Healing is the process of using Tibetan or crystal bowels and allowing the vibrations of sound to work healing miracles on a person’s body, emotions, mind, and soul. A sound healer is capable of playing these beautiful sounds and in doing so clears the aura and restores the person to balance.

Finally, Quantum Touch is a specialized form of healing that uses the breath to raise a person’s vibration so that it matches a healthy vibration thereby allowing the client to learn to heal themselves.

In all cases, healing usually works on a progressive level starting with the spirit, going to the mind, down to the emotions, and finally the physical body. Most healers believe that physical illness is a result of being out of balance in one of the other areas of being (emotions, mind, spirit).

A good healer is best discovered by word of mouth. It’s important that you always spend some time getting to know someone that’s going to be working with your energy. Find out exactly what they do and how they do it. Be willing to ask where they received their training at and how long they have been working with their modality of healing. Make sure it feels right talking with them and don’t be afraid to ask questions both before, during, and after your work with a healer.

Most healers do not charge large amounts of money to perform their work. So if a person find out their going to have to pay a large sum of money, it would be wise for them to politely decline and keep searching. Likewise, it’s consider unethical to be in the middle of a treatment and to have the healer say that they’ve found an unusual problem (a curse, all chakras blocked, etc) and are going to need extra money to fully work on that problem.

Should a person actually find a good reputable healer and they start using them, they likely are going to notice their energy levels going up, sadness disappearing, a clearer mind, and a restored sense of inner strength.

Kelly was lucky. She had a friend that recommended a good massage therapist to her. Though a massage therapist isn’t normally considered a new age healer, it is in fact a part of the healing arts, especially when they combine massage with Reiki. When Kelly started treating herself to a massage a month, she noted an important change occurring within and around her. She no longer felt tired all the time and her sadness was now gone. She even started feeling better spiritually and physically!

Isn’t it about time you treated yourself to a healer and worked on repairing your own aura and blocks in life?

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