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What The Map Revealed

From 2005 until 2010 and with the help and support of Sander/Moses Productions, I promoted the CBS TV Series “Ghost Whisperer” quite extensively through my website. I had descriptions of episodes, brief character bios, brief bios of the stars, information on music used in episodes, a forum, a chat room, a guestbook and a hit counter with map showing where people would hit my website from. One particular evening after a particularly chilling episode, I decided to go into my office to check the hit counter. One hit came from Los Angeles, California. I excitedly thought that someone from Universal at Sander/Moses must have checked out my website. As I zoomed in on the location, I noticed that the location of the hit came from south of Universal Studios. I zoomed in again and noticed that the location was just a little bit north of I-10. I zoomed in closer and was puzzled as all the streets gave way to what looked like an open field. “What’s going on here”, I asked myself? Puzzled, yet pleased by the mystery before me, I pulled up Google Earth and matched it with what I had visible on my Map. I found the field and zoomed in closer. As I did and got a good look at the location of the page hit, I got chills from head to toe! It reminded me of an old episode of the Twilight Zone.

“It’s impossible for anyone to call you from that location.”
“What location?”
“The cemetery!”

Rosedale Cemetery to be exact.
I checked the time in which the page was hit.
8:30PM. Three and a half hours after the gates closed and when Los Angeles was in full dark.
Was someone from the grave trying to contact me or was someone making a joke?
Anything is possible.

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